Traffic Meltdown...

I saw a crimson-naped pickup-truck driver lose it on the road this morning. here’s what happened.

He: Tooling along at about 10 mph (heavy traffic)

She: Changes lanes into his, pulling in front of him (granted, it was kind of close, but she had room and used her blinker)

He: In virtually one motion, steps on the gas to squeeze her out, leans on the horn, gives her the finger, turns purple, and screams a string of obsenities I won’t even attempt to quote.

She: Stops (everyone stops - it’s rush hour), nibbles her bagle, and peeks furtively in the rear-view mirror.

Me: I resolve that if this guy actually gets out to accost her, I’m going to clobber him with my trusty baseball bat before he can hurt her - yeah, I know - I’d get the the State Prison “Citizen of the Year Award”.

I’m certain the spiders would rally to the challenge.