Lousy bitch, thank God you're off the road. (Long)

So I’m cruising along the interstate this afternoon in somewhat heavy traffic- it’s the typical Richmond rush hour lineup. I’m doing about 70 in the far right hand lane, when this bitch in a Mustang zooms in on my rear view mirror. I estimate that before she started braking, she must’ve been doing about 90. Anyway, she gets right up behind me and has nowhere to go; traffic in the middle lane has barricaded her in.

So, of course, she thinks that plowing up my ass is going to make me go any faster. Despite the fact that there is a line of cars ahead of me and I’m unable to fulfill your request, she manages to get about a foot away from my bumper before she backs off to a whole 3 or 4 feet. So, little Miss Speed-demon is stuck in the right hand lane running about 70-75 for a good 3 or 4 miles.

A spot opens up to the left, and she takes it, and manages to squeeze her way right in front of me. I must’ve pissed her off by ignoring her, as she threw her cigarette above her head and let it land on my hood. There’s really nothing I can do about it at this point. She continues road-raging for a while, and zips off to the left. Thinking I am rid of this evil bitch, she somehow makes a few judgement errors and ends up right behind me once again. Luckily, my exit approaches and I move into the exit la-- FUCK. She’s getting off, too.

Now, I’m right behind an 18 wheeler. So we take the exit ramp at about 20 mph, which she is none too thrilled about-- coming about a foot from my bumper again. The 3 of us merge onto a 2 lane road, then immediately start to slow as the 18 wheeler has to turn. So I stop my car as she zooms up behind me and – this is the best part – decides she can’t wait any longer to reach her destination, and zips into the other lane over a double solid line to pass me and the truck. Oh, and she’s very cordial about it, too - giving me an evil glance and flicking me the bird as she passes my window.

Then, the 18 wheeler completes its turn just in time for me to view the head-on collision of Ms. Mustang and a Ford F-350 truck. She was going about 35 mph, he at about 45. My first instinct is that she’s dead-- her car is sent sliding across the road into the ditch, and the poor man’s truck is swung sideways into our lane, apparently from his attempt to swerve and stop to avoid her. I mean, I hated the bitch, but I didn’t want her to die. I kinda felt bad for her.

But no! She is able to jump out of her car - apparently unscathed and rush over to the man’s truck. From what I can see, she has begun wailing on his door and is shouting obscenities such as “You motherfucker, why did you hit me?!” and “Lousy old piece of shit, learn to drive!”. I watch this in disbelief while I’m on my cell phone to the police. Luckily, a Trooper was nearby, as he arrived within a minute.

I can’t begin to tell you how much joy it brought me to stick around and relay my eye-witness account to the Trooper. Needless to say, he was very interested in my description after he listened to the cunt-licking whore go on for 10 minutes about how the truck driver swerved into our lane and hit her. I really couldn’t stick around to find out what happened after I gave the officer my account and contact information, but I believe her excuse for driving like she was was that, get this–

She was going to be late for a movie date with her boyfriend.

I implore you all, please drive safely. Or people like me will throw you a smile when driving away.

Was the man in the truck OK?

Oh, how could I forget that? The man was (I’d estimate) about 25-30 years old. The medics said he probably sustained a few broken bones, but he was pretty alert and seemed okay otherwise. I’d love to be the insurance officer who gets to check out THAT claim-- at fault with bodily injury on this young woman with a high power vehicle.

Eek! - I hope he’s allright - I’ve been in a couple of car accidents (not my fault - similar drivers to the honey in the mustang) and they’re a bitch to recover from.

On a lighter note - I was once tailed by a Punk-Ass Weisel Fuck in some sort of loud, hissing type vehicle. (You know - the kind with the attachement that makes yer car sound like a lawnmower?) Anyhow - he was driving like a little shit - in and out of trafic, through road construction, tail gaiting, etc. etc.

I went over a hill just in time to see him get pulled over in a speed trap, and the oficer did NOT look happy. Tee hee!

I did a mini-while-driving dance of joy.


Holy Hell, Civvy. Just glad to hear you’re alright:)

I think it’s best if we puny mortals realise that this woman’s has a Very Important Life. Both you and the truck driver were clearly in the wrong not to let this Very Important Woman continue with her Very Important Life. :rolleyes:

Do you think her flipping you off caused her to not see the truck in time? Blech, if the movie date were so important, she should have freaking left earlier. I’m glad nobody was seriously hurt - I hope the incident will teach her a lesson (I wouldn’t count on it though).

Oh yeah- I really wasn’t in any danger… had her car tried to skid over into mine or anything, I still had a big chunk of 18 wheeler in front of me to block it. I had a great view of this bitch getting her just desserts :slight_smile:

I’m almost positive. We were coming up on a curve, but weren’t close enough so that she couldnt’ve seen the truck had she not been staring at me.

You know, I may be the coldest SOB on this planet, because my first thought after reading this line was, I hope she’s close to death or seriously injured. Some people need to learn the hard way. She put multiple lives on the line so she wouldn’t be late for a freakin’ movie date. She’s a waste of oxygen in my book.

For some sick reason, this is the most fulfilling thing I’ve read in WEEKS.

Too funny, Civvy.

Sheeit. Glad you’re OK, and I hope the guy in the truck makes out all right.

Would you mind giving him my card? :wink:

Oh, wait. I don’t do that any more. . .

Zap!, Esq.

When someone does this to me, I get an uncontrollable urge to hit the brakes and test their reflexes.

But you can have the satisfaction of testifying against her in court! :smiley:

i can’t feel happy about this. she injured someone else and was apparently too stupid to even learn a lesson from it. what a horrible stupid bitch.

Let me get this straight:

She caused an accident,
which injured an innocent party,

I do believe this is why there’s gun control.

Civil Defense, you have restored my faith in humanity.

If this isn’t the concept of Instant Karma at work, I don’t know what is.

I can’t stand people like this.

And she actually went and yelled at the other guy !!! Sheesh

Due to a speeding motorist, I was in a pretty horrific car accident when I was 7 years old. After four operations, I’m looking O.K, but believe, it changed my view on a lot of things, and I grew up a bit quicker in some areas. My mum still hasn’t fully recovered (mentally) from the whole incident (nightmares, etc…)

When will people get it through their thick skulls that they are using a lethal weapon, with total disrespect. At those speeds, things can go horribly wrong in an instant.

[/lecture over] :slight_smile: