This would have pissed me off, but

Going to work this morning, a guy in a beat up pick up decided it was time to make a lane change so he could get to the turn lane.

You know the drill, across the center lane, just in time to cross the double lines for the turn lane.

Me in the center lane, just keeping pace, when this moron about removes my front bumper getting in.

Then I noticed his load.

I would guess about 200-300 cans of spam, in clear plastic garbage bags.

My intrest piqued, I sped up as he moved right.

Here I witnessed the most syerotypical, spam hauling somebitch ever. Squinting through his cracked winshield sat an overweight man, foul complexion that actually looked greasy at a distance.

I dunno, it made me laugh.

Got any stories of things that would have made you angry normally?

I had a large 18 wheeler truck tailgating me on a freeway once. Just a few feet off my bumper so all I could see in the rear view mirror was the grill. He finally found an opening and swung past me on the right. I looked up to see a stereotypical unshaven beast in a white tank top. Just then, he lifted up his arm to smell his own armpit. His face contorted into a pained grimace as he caught a whiff of himself, I guess, then he gunned it and kept on trucking down the highway.