Traffic Ticket Question?

I was talking to a friend and we were talking about how sometimes people will see a cop and flash their highbeams to warn the on coming drivers. I myself have done this in the past. The question is, can you get a ticket or in trouble for doing this? It seems to me that you probley could and that they could pull you over and say not to, but could they actually give you a ticket for it? :confused: :dubious:

I don’t think there’s any law regarding flashing your high headlights to signal other drivers. You would have to check the Motor Vehicle Law in your state, but I doubt it.

for gerneral info I live in PA. I tried to look it up but was unsuccessful, so if anyone out there finds a site or info on it, please let me know:D

Check it out yourself

barbitu8’s link doesn’t seem to be very helpful. I think it is only regulatory rules that don’t really relate to your question.

The statute that you are interested in is here:

Apparently, the issue even went up to the supreme court

The case was decided in 1999. I have no idea if the law has changed since then.

I have seen folks in traffic court that have gotten tickets for flashing their lights to warn oncoming motorists. In every case the ticket was for interfering with the duties of a police officer and the judges upheld every ticket. It is not a moving violation though.