Tragedy for Parents Everywhere!

I caught wind of a serious and disappointing rumor last night: Steve from Blues Clues is “going off to college”. Shit.

Am I the only adult that is upset about this? Steve and Blue have kept Mini Macro entertained for hours on end, while Macro Ma’am and I clean house, get ready for the day, cook dinner, whatever.

Was this voluntary? I dunno, and I am too lazy to find out. If it was Steve’s idea, WTF was he thinking? If it was involuntary, to whom do we protest?

Steve, we’ll miss your dramatic overacting. Goodbye, old friend….

Change sucks ass.


from this site

Here’s the scoop on the new actor to replace Steve. He is being replaced with a guy they are going to call Joe. He is going to be introduced as Steve’s brother. The comment from Steve about leaving was something like “I didn’t want to become Crusty the Clown in front of all of America.” He also added that kids will like the new guy because he is better than Steve.
and here

where you can see previews of the new shows with Joe.

Guess I know how old he is now. I could never figure out if he was 17 or 30. He looked like he could’ve been either. Huh.

Steve, I will miss you. You were a babysitter’s dream.

Anybodys gotta be better than Steve…

Poor Steve has lately been looking like he truly and completely hates his job. He’s actually come to resemble a panicked rat, caught in a trap, or like he’s suspended in the world’s worst acid trip, and though it’s a little sad to see him go, I’m glad he finally gets a break. It looked like he hit “complete Burnout stage” at least a year ago.

I’ve always thought he was kinda cute.

Ummm…is it wrong for me to secretly lust after Steve? My youngest was only just barely young enough to be interested in Blues Clues when it first came on, and then only for about a year, but I always thought Steve was a little hottie.

He has no ass. Can he be qualified “hottie” without an ass?

Steve is a hottie, with his hints of five oclock shadow and big brown eyes - I thought he was leaving last year and my favorite part of the show is MAAAAAIIL TIIIIIIIME!