Trailor Park Boys

I watch this show occassionally. Several weeks ago, I saw Ricky blow himself up in the trailor, presumably as a result of a propane leak and lighting up a joint.

I have seen a subsequent episode where he is very much alive.

So, did I see one of those cliff hanger season finales followed by a rerun ?

Or did Ricky somehow escape oblivion ?


Could you put some spoiler boxes?

I’ve only seen the first two seasons and I haven’t seen that episode yet.

TrailEr… Sorry, that’s my biggest misspelled-word pet peeve.

That was an episode early in the season, the season ended last week (with “The Shit-Blizzard”) and Ricky is still alive… Though he was dead. (Don’t want to sopil it too much if you haven’t seen it)

It wasn’t an explosion from what I remember, it was a fire, caused by him trying to make fries. He survived the trailer fire, blamed it on Bubbles, but was later found out.

I’d show an episode guide, but I can only find the one… Not good.

Bah, sorry HPL. Didn’t preview and see the request for spoiler boxes.