Train Tests Eurasian Landbridge

Story here.

This will be of interest mainly to train freaks – and maybe shipping enthusiasts? I like trains, although I’m not what you would call a train freak myself. Still, I find the prospect of a regular freight-train service that takes “15 to 18 days from China to Germany” and would be “twice as fast as a sea-going vessel” and “considerably cheaper than air freight” interesting.

That’s interesting, but didn’t we already have a trans-Siberian railroad? Do they not do trans-continental cargo?

Also the current GQ thread seems to be saying shipping by sea is usually cheaper than rail. Is the direct route so much shorter than the ocean passage?

I think this new service will be dedicated to freight only. The proponents are saying this will be twice as fast as the sea route. If this is true, I’m sure it will garner a lot of interest.