Trancers finally out on DVD

I really like the first three low budget Trancers movies.

Jack Death goes back in time to fight zombies created by The Whistler. A very young Helen Hunt is along for the romance & adventure.
The series suffered after Helen left for stardom on tv.

These movie have always been hard to find. I recall 15 years ago the VHS was out of print and worn out rentals were selling for over $60 on Ebay.

It’s just now being released on DVD. :smiley:

Amazon has the entire set of five movies for $40. Or you can buy the individual dvd’s for under $10 each. Ebay has them too for similar prices.

Any Trancer fans on the Dope??? Which one of the movies did you like Best? Least??

“Thrill me!”

:smiley: I have always wanted to answer the phone that way since I saw that movie. I only saw the first movie once but I thought it was pretty good for what it was. Definitely had some good bits. I would watch it again on DVD. I didn’t really know there were sequels.

The first Trancers was a huge cult hit among sci-fi and horror fans. I recall some great discussions on Usenet. The second one was pretty good too. The 3rd ok. 4th & 5th only true Jack Death fans liked. three out of 5 isn’t bad for low budget, straight to video movies.

The director Charles Band is a cult legend. The guy started Full Moon Productions, one the best indie horror outfits ever assembled. They did a wide range of indie horror. Puppet Master, Arcade, Robot Jox, Trancers, Demonic Toys etc. Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator) directed several Full Moon films. Jeffery Combs, Barbara Crampton starred in several of these flims.

I love indie film. There’s no big shot studios involved. No asses to kiss. You can write whatever story you want. Take creative risks. It’s low budget with a lot of volume. If one film bombs it’s no big deal. odds are some will be really good.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Trancers, but wasn’t “Thrill me” from Night of the Creeps?

Good news about the DVD release, though.

“Your name is Death, and you’ve come for me?”