Tranquilize sheep (test your reactions flash game)

My third attempt… (I clicked away from the first two so I don’t have the info)

Rocketing Rabbit (Average 0.1458 seconds)

I did it four times and WORKED my way up to bobbing bobcat. Coffee was recommended. I always said I have very poor hand eye coordination. :smiley: I may try again with the other hand.

After a few initial attempts where I got too many 3 second penalties for jumping the gun (I thought the sheep were about to run when they were only turning their head, or some such), I achieved Rocketing Rabbit with an average of 0.1784 seconds. This was very lucky, however, as for one of the sheep my “reaction time” was recorded as 0.000 seconds, meaning I must have anticipated it and got lucky. Would have got a false start in the Olympics!

Heh, for my best time I had one at 0.000 seconds and another one at 0.0000 seconds! Yes, I basically anticipated them. Still, it only rated me a Rocketing Rabbit with 0.1322 seconds average.

I’m a turbo-charged cheetah!

… I wish. I’m a bobbing bobcat.

Both my 3rd and 4th tries were Rocketing Rabbit. My last attempt was an average of 0.147 seconds. Would have been even better if I didn’t have one time of 0.223 seconds weighing me down.

I am a bobbing bobcat.

I had to start over because I didn’t know you were supposed to click on the dart to tranquilize the sheep. I thought you were supposed to click on the sheep itself. Imagine my surprise when the first one rocketed across the screen!

I may not be fast, but I’m consistent. .223, .222, .223, .228, .223

I’m a Rocketing Rabbit with my left hand and a Bobbing Bobcat with my right.

Best speed out of 50 sheep - 0.168 secs

IIRC, a jeopardy champ recommended that people use their index finger to ring in rather than their thumbs because the “nerve highway” from brain to index finger is faster than the “nerve highway” from brain to thumb.

FTR, the difference between my thumb and finger is about the same.

I don’t usually use my thumb to left-click a mouse, but now I’m tempted to try it to see how godawfully my reaction times will be. :stuck_out_tongue:

I suck apparently, although I’m a Goldeneye champ amongst my friends, so whatever.

Bobcat on both left and right hand. .221 is best time. I deliberately didn’t pre-empt.

I tried doing it with my little finger, figuring the signal had a shorter distance to travel, and guess what? I was actually faster.

Give it a try.

Avg. .256 second. Bobbing bobcat.