Shoot the sheep

Reaction Test
The best I could get was a Rocketing Rabbit.

How about you?

0.1992 seconds average was my peak there… so yeah, Rocketing Rabbit also.

It’s late and I’m tired, but I’m also listening to loud piano accordian music, which keeps me on my toes.

~ Isaac

I couldn’t get past sluggish snail on my laptop (which has a touch pad). But I switched to my other computer, which has a mouse but no sound and got up to “rocketing rabbit”. My best average was 1.88 and my best shot was 1.25 (more than once). Don’t know if the sound helps or hurts.

Wow…talk about being consistant.

Sheep 1: 0.181
Sheep 2: 0.180
Sheep 3: 0.180
Sheep 4: 0.180
Sheep 5: 0.178
Average: 0.1798

Another Rocketing Rabbit here.

0.1736 average

Rocketing Rabbit

This would be more fun if it were bratty kids instead of sheep.

I thought the thread was going to be about talking animals and a Scotsman.

Alright! I’m a Bobbing Bobcat.

Hmmm. “Websense” (our corporate Net Nanny) filters this as “Tasteless”

Damm I’m missing out.

The game itself isn’t bad but it’s from a homepage that has a bunch of not work safe stuff.

Damn! I keep jumping the gun! That 3 second penalty is a killer.

I got a lot better scores at home on a faster computer/connection. Still not Cheetah fast, but .124 to .188 over a couple of rounds compared to .25 to .5 at work…