Transferring a message from a phone

If I have a phone message recorded on my phone and want to transfer it to some MP3 or similar format and store it elsewhere, is there a method better than holding up some recording device close to the phone and playing the message? I’m hoping for something clearer than that, and am wondering if it can be directly transferred.

The phone is a Uniden wall phone attached to a landline (I believe model #DCX400).

Can you play the message remotely?

Is the recording on a device in your house (the Uniden phone or attached recorder) or on a server at the provider? If the latter, there may be a way to do what you want, or close to it.

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Years ago I ran the program to launch VoIP at the cable company I worked for. One advanced feature was network VM, and you could go into a UI to manage your messages, including the option to forward it as a mail attachment (like you want to do).

At the time, my son’s 3rd grade teacher left us a message about something good he did at school, and I was able to email it to his grandparents to hear for themselves. I recently found a copy of that audio file in my files. He is 26 now.

At the time, it was freaking magic that something like that could work, considering that when I was a kid, a message was written on no-longer-used punch cards my dad brought home from work to use for notes.

I had a message on an answering machine that I wanted to save many, many years ago.

I stripped one end of a patch cable, opened up the answering machine, and attached it to the speaker wires. Then I plugged the other end into my computer.

Same question as the OP. I can play the message remotely. What then?

I’m not sure what you mean by “remotely”. You can play the messages from either the base or the handsets.

The former.

“Remotely” means - to be remote from the device. Like, in another country.
If you can do this (which most answering machines can do), then you can call in with a device that allows recording of conversations.
Or, use:

/never mind//

If you can call the phone and listen to your messages (i.e., remotely), then you can install an app on your cell phone that records calls, call the phone, play the message, record it on your cell, voila! You will have an audio file that you can share as you wish.