How to save the sounds on my old phone.

We have had the same cordless phone for something like 15 years. It has the “we are not at home” message my son recorded when he was 5 or 6, which I would like to save to a file on my computer, as well as a couple of incoming messages from family members that would be nice to save as well. I haven’t taken a close look yet, we are still using the phone, but the system doesn’t use tapes. Anybody have any experience recovering sounds from an old phone?

I know the first question will be: “what kind of phone?” Don’t have that data here at work so I am interested in general stories for now.

Call that number from another phone, and record the message when it plays.

If I remember correctly an audio speaker was close enough in impedance to record by way of the audio input of a VCR. If you have an old VCR you want to donate to the cause then wire the speaker wires to a standard RCA jack and record it like you would any other external input.

The simplest thing is to just play the recorded message into the new phone machine to see how well it sounds because the speaker is probably tuned to the range of the human voice.