Translate this French youtube Henri Salvador video, please

Can somebody translate this crazy French Youtube video? I can pick out a word here and there, but I’m afraid if I listen too closely I might become brainwashed and do something evil.
Henri Salvador - “Le Martien” (Scopitone)

I hear he is revered by the French.

Anybody out there speak French at a child’s level? I can read it, but I can’t understand what he’s singing.

Printed lyrics in French here

Merci beaucoup!

Apologies in advance if the ditty dances for a while in your brain.
[ul]Martian Hop by The-Ran-Dells, on You tube.[/ul]
[ul]The lyrics on lyrics.time, hopefully a safe site.[/ul]
[ul]The Ran-Dells mortalized in Wikipedia.[/ul]
[ul]Co-writer Steve Rappaport’s article, “The Story of the Ran-Dells”.[/ul]
And which one of us will have the next green million-seller?

I don’t know how I missed this when it came out! Although, at that time, we had 3 little martian figures that were kept on top of our TV set.

I really like the Scopitone version. Thanks needscoffee for sharing. When I heard the tune I realized that I’d heard it before. After a day of being unable to forget ee-EE-eeee, I finally remembered the title.