Translation, please

A sign behind a bar:
Sajo der dego, a toussin bus sin
arow! Nojo demis trux, summit cousin, summet dux!

Say Joe there they go, a dozen buses in a row.
No Joe, them is trucks, some with cousin(?) some with ducks.
Haha, ok maybe not, but thats how I read it.


Some with cows in, some with ducks?

I’m thinking “Some with cows and some with ducks.”

Say, Joe, there they go, a thousand busses in a row!

No, Joe, them is trucks, some wit’ cows, ‘n’ some wit’ ducks.
I love this place. Thank you, Chicago Reader. :slight_smile:

Obile ergo fortibus es in ero.
Nobile deus trux.
Si vantes indem - Causen dux.

“No,” he replied, and smiled seraphically, as was his wont.

Sajo [der dego], to [toussin] bus without [arow]! Nojo [demis trux], [summit cousin], [summet dux]!

Translated= drink the mescal.