Transsexual-Intersexualism The Truth Between My God And I

Why Fundamentalists Are Wrong About God in many cases, Religion (due to Inconsistencies of the Bible), and the LGBT Community. And now I will show how Evidence, Reasoning and Common Sense Will Justify These Means.

People come to America hoping to be a productive member of society. They arrive hoping that they can create jobs and businesses, but how will that help real Americans here at home, when many of them only come to create, help, and hire their own kind of people according to their own nationality, all while taking away jobs from real Americans in need, and changing America by imposing religions on others and educating others to hate the LGBT community. Even Americans among other American citizens are in the habit of practicing these same ideas, ideas that are passed down from generations to the present day of our new generation. And if women praise the Bible so much and believe in traditional values, then they should stay home the way the Bible teaches so they can work the house, and take care of their family, and stop taking the jobs of men, because there is hardly any jobs left for them. But almost all women and men don’t follow that idea, because it’s stupid that the Bible would teach such a thing. There are no laws that protect transgender people from discrimination, not being able to get a job, equality, and acceptance in society, but are there any laws that protect them from being human as opposed to the antiquated thinker?
Since the age of 13, I knew I was a girl. The only thing or part of me that was/is a superficial body part of a boy/man is, my long clitoris that developed into a penis in my mother’s womb. In other words, everyone experiences being a female during the beginning stages of conception. I was born with a scrotal and penile raphe:

   “Incomplete fusion of the palatine raphe results in a congenital defect known as a cleft palate. The pharyngeal raphe joins the left and right pharyngeal constrictors. The perineal raphe extends from the anus, through the mid-line of the scrotum (scrotal raphe) and upwards through the ventral mid-line aspect of the penis (penile raphe). Wikipedia “It is observed as a noticeable line. It is the result of a fetal developmental phenomenon whereby the scrotum (the developmental equivalent of the labia in females) and penis close toward the midline and fuse. The resulting ridge of tissue is evident as the perinea raphe. Did you know the female clitoris is scientifically recognized as the very early development of the male penis? In the forming of a female before birth, the nubbin of flesh that becomes a clitoris is the same nubbin of flesh that in a male grows into the penis. Medically, the clitoris is said to be the homologue, or female counterpart structure, of the penis. Cases are on record where it grows quite large before birth and looks like a half-formed penis when the baby is born.

Source(s): Wikipedia
Sexology: The “Female Penis” (Book, Jan, 1964)”

   It is clear that from an early age in childhood, the skeleton of a young feminine male to female transsexual girl on female hormones, will feminize and grow 1) a smaller rib cage, 2) narrower shoulders, 3) wider hips that are proportioned or wider to that of the shoulders, etcetera (etc.) like any other ordinary non-transsexual female would, including all other body features and that of the face, except that one imperfection below their waists- their private parts. And what is it to anyone if we as transsexual females decide to reopen what sin made of us (yes the whole world is born in sin, and no I’m not a robot so I don’t need rewiring), by getting a sex change? What we lose in this life now, will be lost forever in the next life to come. God will restore what we ask for, and will deliver our greatest desires. And my greatest desire is to be a happy woman. And like angels who can’t marry or be given in marriage, sin will no longer be in us or have hold of us. And the same way our ancestors were not a shame of their naked bodies in the Garden of Eden, is the same way there won’t be any shame in having multiple lovers. King David and the rest of kings and men in those days had multiple lovers in marriage. They used marriage as a means for having many sexual partners or pleasures, and there was nothing wrong in the eyes of God in that. But in heaven, we women will no longer belong to any one man or spirit. We will do as God tells us, and then again, what freedom is there in that?
   People numbering hundreds of thousands don’t have the decency to educate themselves on things they learn to hate for no good reason, therefore, they can’t possibly understand those things that don’t apply to them concerning transsexual individuals. Perhaps transsexuals are disliked or hated in society, and are labeled by ignorant professionals and lacking experts, according to the book of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, for selfish reasons and economical gains, and lack of understanding in areas they are blinded to, because there is opportunity in pleasure to gain from it in a sense and manner of business.
   What people fail to understand is that, every conceivable human child carries the genes of both a mother and a father as one whole, just like red and white makes pink, a new color, and I am that new color, so the genes of one parent outweighs the other in me, which is why I feel female, and not something I learned. And I learned the ways of being female because I am a female. And how else could I be female without being born with a vagina, or without having a hormone imbalance or an extra X chromosome? It is because, the genes of my mother in me outweighs the genes of my father in me, because every thought in my brain is in a female point of view.
   Angels may transform, but I am who I am. I am a transsexual-intersexual-natal/cis gender woman. So if God doesn’t make mistakes and suppose he created me with a penis and a vagina (intersex), and I decide to lay or have sexual intercourse in marriage with a man who has a penis like I do, or if I decide to lay or have sexual intercourse with a woman who has a vagina like I do , I don’t see how I would be gay or wrong for being gay, or sinning, since God created us both for this very reason, a woman for a woman, a man for a man, in the form of me being intersex and having two genders is that purpose, with another man, and not just the traditional idea or belief of a woman for a man, and wrongly not including intersexual-transsexual individual women as if they are less of a woman. Anal sex was pure nasty before plastic was invented. But we don’t live in old days anymore. We’ve advanced so now some of us use plastic in the form of douching. How can there be anything wrong with cleaning ourselves? Or is it wrong also for a woman born with a vagina whose genetic chromosomes are XXY intersex, to dress like a man or to dress like a woman and be attracted to women? Imagine what a church would have thought or done to harm such a lady in medieval times. Oops, I mean a man; and also a woman! What about women who have huge penis size and penis looking clitorises (xx intersex) as part of the complex makeup of the vagina… men who are orally attracted to them might be gay, correct? WRONG.
   The debate goes on as to whether or not the mind of a transsexual female is female, making them intersex, which obviously they are, since the genes of one [mother (X 50%) and a father (Y 50%)] exists within their whole physical being [100% , but with uneven levels of the genes of the mother and father, based on adolescence of inborn behavior that causes them to feel of the opposite gender as they age and grow; these effects will prove to show later on in life,] and that’s evidence beyond doubt based on the gender role that person lives out to be, beginning at the time they start to feel sexually aroused in their breasts, butt and leg areas, in combination to arching their backs, and arousal in the genital areas in female fashion, manner or form that any other natural female would feel, who urges her sexual appetite to be loved for strong intimacy from a male partner with stronger arms and hands and that which belongs to him below his belt, and then others would see, believe, and be amazed, shocked, or shocked with laughter. But don’t worry, everyone goes through puberty, and that’s a good reason why schools hand out condoms to young adults.

   There are many different types of intersexual people, some of which are transsexuals. I am a woman, but just a different kind of classy woman.

Now to name a few of the different types of intersexual people are:
· Conditions with XY chromosomes
…… Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome
…… Partial Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome
…… 5-alpha-reductase Deficiency (5-ARD)
…… Swyer Syndrome
…… Leydig Cell Hypoplasia
…… Persistent Müllerian Duct Syndrome
· Conditions with XX chromosomes.
…… de la Chapelle/XX Male Syndrome
…… MRKH/Vaginal agenesis
…… Mullerian (Duct) Aplasia
· Conditions with XX or XY chromosomes
…… Hypospadias and Epispadias
…… Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH)
…… Ova-testes (formerly called “true
…… Kallmann syndrome
· Conditions with neither XX or XY chromosomes
…… Klinefelter Syndrome
…… Turner Syndrome
…… XY/XO mosaics and xy-Turner’s Syndrome
…… Triple-X Syndrome
…… Jacobs/XYY Syndrome
And now, I hope for the day when transsexuals will also be categorized with the rest of the categories of intersex individuals, and not just anyone in the transgender category such as those who cross dress (secretive part-time cross dressers) in order to accomplish a sexual fetish, part-time transvestites, drag queens, two spirited people, or some others within the transgender norm who are nowhere near in behavior or the same in physical structure as a fulltime transsexual, not that being a fulltime transsexual is a job!
LGBT offensive labels were man-made by governments and orchestrated nonsense by the church and feed to society as a boner. Sadly, they got caught up governing in some of their stupid ways as governments and churches progressed and advanced throughout time and continue to in knowledge. Perhaps they believe almost everything they read in the Bible, rather than studying the Bible and testing the spirits. God does not condemn transsexual-intersexual people, He condemns homosexuality-gays/lesbians/bisexuals, anal sex, and cross dressers. But if you look between the legs of a true intersex being as discussed, perhaps you’ll understand then that the Bible and prophets and the corrupt side of society are inconsistent with many things they teach throughout history to the present time, and yet, they can’t and won’t even follow everything their Bible has to teach them, not because it’s difficult and because they’re not perfect, but because many of them think its evidently stupid, and too old to teach to the current generation. God doesn’t make mistakes, yet, God will correct the blinded, the crippled, those who were born as dwarf(s), the conjoined, those born in the wrong body, the ignorant, etc. in the beginning, because it was a mistake that they were born with imperfections. The tree of life of good and evil and God knew and applied both to MANKIND because He is so holy.
Some heterosexual men and women swearing by their graves and gay, bisexual men and women and lesbians believe that transsexual women/or eunuchs are the worst form of being gay men. Well then, why does the difference between sexual orientation and gender orientation exist? It is obvious that even the educated can actually be infested with total lies, misconceptions, and confusion that leave them greatly mistaken of others. Well then, in ancient times kings and societies in those days approved of eunuchs as they were, and as advisers, but have instead gone backwards since. Did you ever think that the reason why many transsexuals are bisexual is part or the whole reason that one day they will meet someone who will bear a child for them before they actually decide to get a sex change? Well, it’s true. Transsexual women are woman with differences in anatomy from other women. Not every woman is the same indeed, since God is creative. Through us He is also creative. Their spirit rules over their bodies, mind, and soul, so don’t try turning them into someone they are not, because it won’t work. It’ll only work if society rejects them, and then maybe the thought of committing suicide would become an obstacle. Or they might return to their other original selves of being male because church servants or salves deliver the fear of God to them in such an oppressive manner. And yet the church themselves stand firm on solid rock, so many of them are repulsive of being corrected by anyone. They say they have love to share, but instead love and cruelty is what they teach and preach by putting fear in others with hell, which don’t mix in expression toward us, and the result is like something sour. Only the fear and love in God can bring us closer to Him. Transsexuals might also repent if someone or the church promises them a wife as a compromise in return for obedience, if that even exists, or perhaps even repenting, because they were never a woman to begin with. Like a few have, because of guilt of something they weren’t able to understand of themselves, and continue having problems trying to figure out who they are, what they like, and if it truly is wrong to be and show what they feel within as a woman. Perhaps they suppress who they really are inside, that is the problem. So inconsistencies, which really are lies due to someone lying in example of some books of the Bible by which some are aware of hundreds of inconsistencies, the inconsistencies of the Bible or prophets being inconsistent with themselves or each other, mislead transsexuals, and almost all believers of this so called Christian faith. When preachers accuse transsexuals of living homosexual lifestyles, and that they aren’t of the opposite gender- a man or woman, trans folks will only find suffering from these judgmental and unkind cruel words, since the Bible or preacher lacks understanding in LGBT issues. And by the way, I am a Bible believer of most things written therein but will not follow man-made separation of “Christian branches” such as Catholics, Protestants, Evangelicals, Baptists, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc. since they teach the Bible differently from one another as there are hundreds of translated versions of the Bible and are not in spiritual union as one body with Adonay-the Lord. Jewish men kissed each other in Bible times, how gay is that in today’s church. Moses wore Egyptian make-up, heels or sandals and Egyptian skirts- Life is beautiful, even Scottish men wore skirts, called kilts. Many parts of the Bible are fantasy world. Don’t believe me? Google, “INCONSISTANCIES OF THE BIBLE.”
Transsexual women are intersexual women, believe it! They are a combination of real natal men and women, just like any other natural born natal woman who has a vagina between her legs and who also fits the noun “mankind,” since she too is a combination of her father and mother. They are no longer living as men, because they are now real women, in spirit, mind, soul and bodily to the best that this imperfect world has to offer us (and people need to respect that, just the same way they want and need to be respected), just like you Christians changed the name of Yeshua, the name that has power to cast out the demons in you, into Jesus, and there is no respect in that from God-Elohim to sinners. It’s clear you Christians and churches like turning the truth into a lie. Here, let me create an aka for you… your new name is now, “Crazy Dodos.”
God doesn’t make mistakes, so would it make a man gay if he lies in bed or has sexual intercourse in marriage with a transsexual-intersexual that was born with a penis and a vagina? ABSOLUTELY NOT- the truth shall set you free. So how then could it be wrong for a man with a penis to lay or have sexual intercourse with another man who has a penis. Let’s see how many doctors and priests and rabbis ordered or gave their opinion in the mutilation of intersexual-transsexual babies. I bet that much of this truth has been kept well hidden from societies in fear of a new revolution. This kind of information is almost hard to find, because no one ever talks about it the way news channels do on TV about other news, nor do repeats or give updated information on the intersexual-transsexual subject, a subject that belongs together of this one and the same union of people, and some people are so rude they just don’t want to hear it or know or learn about it. Since when did you ever see popular transsexual-intersexual actresses on television made famous, like music artists or non-transsexual actresses in the form of playing out the role of another kind of real woman who was born with a vagina, acting out an intimacy scene with a famous actor like Brad Pitt? Never, unless of course she is a non-transsexual female, not that it makes any difference from a transsexual woman (unless you do objectify her private parts and then maybe someday you’ll find what most attracts you, since most men and women objectify a married woman or man, and all while its happening, divorce is at a killer rate), because a woman is a woman, and all women come in different forms and shapes as you’ve already read, and not every woman can conceive or behave like women, but Hollywood or governments would see it as promoting homosexuality or teaching boys to be girls if the natural born transsexual-intersexual class of people got out of control. And if they were’ made famous, I bet that almost most of the time Hollywood would only promote and show the funny looking actors/actresses, and I mean, impassable as a female or a non-transsexual female, only to be made seen in a way that people would make fun of each time. Hollywood does what they do best which is, portraying a bad image about an intersex-trans. person. The porn industry is in the habit of addressing transsexual-intersexual people as “he-she”, and what is a he-she? A he-she is an intersexual-transsexual. It is things like this that make the minds of viewers think. Is thinking negatively normal or normal and humorous? No it isn’t, and adding Humor Seasoning doesn’t make things any better! Sometimes people look too hard to feel something that isn’t there about another person in general. Some people are brought up to shoot first judge later from out of belief out there. And it is a natural born feeling to learn to hate someone for being transgender, as natural as it is to be born in sin even before you learn what sin is, in an environment where being friendly isn’t your pure nature to do so, said God, being that traditional parents, media, governments, and societies, give their children the wrong information about transsexual individuals, Science, etc. So how can you stand there and tell others they mutilate themselves, like those who get castrated (a Jewish tradition) or have plastic surgery? And if cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery is so intense or against what the Bible teaches, then why are churches against some forms of surgery and not all? Because they are gradually learning to accept what makes sense. But if it goes against God, then why be supportive in one area and not the other? For that, they should eliminate all forms of surgery within their systems of beliefs of these so called church communities and preach negatively against all forms of surgeries including medications. So that when someone within their church is dying, or in need of surgeries, and/or medications, and/or anesthesia in order to save their lives for their continuation and pursuit of happiness in general, their only answer and belief for their sickening or beloved ones would be, to look them in their eyes and tell them how much you have faith that God will save them (I guess after death, unless by superstition, or shaking their heads and spinal cords in demand for a miracle from the Holy Spirit already at work), or at least making them aware in expectation of some kind of natural cause of death, because God is calling for them. Or they can simply pray for God to heal them in their death beds, and their faith will cure them whole instead. Not everyone has plastic in them especially soon after gender reassignment surgery is performed. Many people affiliated with churches are crazy like orthodox. I’m not a Christian for Elohim’s sake, I’m a Citizen of Heaven- that’s my branch. I believe everyone should reconsider who we as transsexual women really are inside in mind. After all, heaven is a matter within us.
I am a butterfly and a transgender fish, ironically speaking! And some people might say, “You’re not an animal,” and I’ll say, “I never said anything about being an animal.” A transgender fish is not an animal, it’s a sea creature. A butterfly is not an animal neither it is an insect. And some people might also say, “Well, you aren’t a sea creature, nor an insect, “Then I’ll say, “And transgender fish are not transgender plants!” Humans do what’s impossible for animals- We are God-like. No man must change what God has created. AND THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE, no matter what a person changes outwardly. Yet, we must improve who we really are inside and out from the core and foundation of our souls, and our ways of life to reflect what’s in our hearts. So I went from male to female, yet, I am the same person in and outwardly in spirit, mind, and soul, and nothing was changed because, I’m still a woman and a whole lot less of a man, like the red and white equals pink combination, so why complain? God knows my heart and mind. He knows I’m a woman and live as such inside my heart. I express myself from inside-outwardly.
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