Trapped Russian submerine.

Have you all read about this? There is a Russian submarine trapped 480 feet under water, carrying 116 people. They don’t seem to have the technology to rescue it, but we, that is, the United States, have invested tons of money in this kind of thing and could probably easily rescue all those lives. Are we going to offer to help? Would they ask? They simply say that there is little chance of rescue, and meanwhile there are over 100 lives in jeopardy. Has anyone heard details about this? All I have heard is that details are scarce.

This has been raised twice in General Questions – the longest thread is here, and there’s another one here.

For what it’s worth, a rescue operation is not “easy”. The Russians have admitted failure in their attempts to resupply the sub with oxygen and to rescue the crew using a diving bell. Poor surface weather, the fact that much of the specialist equipment required is in the Baltic and (most importantly) that the escape hatch is damaged have hampered all efforts so far.

There should be enough in the threads mentioned above to give you some more information.

In any case i am against it.

Whatever the outcome, this real-life emergency has “major motion picture script” written all over it. Have any of the trapped sailors made deals for the book and movie rights yet?

Thanks, sorry I didnt notice it, I only skimmed through general questions.
also, hits self over head for spelling submarine wrong

No worries, eyor.

Curious, Sailor. Why?

Im certain the US would help if the Russians let them (it is election year after all)

Perhaps we should deduct the cost of the rescue from this year’s foreign aid payment.