Trayvon's Twitter Name

I know nothing about Twitter so maybe name isn’t the right term…maybe it’s a subject or something.

Anyway his activity has been up and down in the last few days and when it was up it got copied here…

What does “NO_LIMIT_NIGGA” mean?

No Limit was a major hip hop record label in the late 90s which published records by a number of rappers including Master P and Snoop Dogg. I’m guessing you’re not asking the “nigga” part, but that’s obviously a play on the racial epithet, used as an identifier and even a term of endearment among certain black communities. It’s often used by rappers.

I’d be very careful with this though. Right-wing sources have been trying their damnedest to paint Trayvon Martin as a gangsta-hoodlum figure in the Tupac Shakur mould for weeks now, including this photo which isn’t Martin at all. The Daily Caller is an untrustworthy source anyway.

It’s roughly analogous to the girl I dated whose AOL instant messenger handle was “Moonskagurl,” in that she identified heavily with the ska music put out on a record label called Moon (and the name was similarly incomprehensible to someone who wasn’t familiar with the underlying company).

It seems more likely that he got the handle from the song “No Limit Niggas”, by Kane & Abel.

Kane, Abel and C-Murder were all on the No Limit record label so they’re using that song title for the same reason.

I’d stress again how suspicious the story is. The Daily Caller says it found the account through an anonymous “individual” doing a random internet search. Their own story notes the Twitter account was taken down, put online and taken down again, all after Trayvon Martin was killed. The account doesn’t even seem to use Martin’s name at any point; the only evidence it’s him seems to be that the Daily Caller thinks picture “matches” him. Further down they suggest they’ve found another Twitter account “associated” with him, again with little evidence.

Oh, I didn’t know that! Thanks.

Coincidentally I just read about this article in the Daily Caller today. It’s a short piece in which the writer tells a story about how his bike was stolen four years ago by someone he presumes was black (although he never saw the thief). He says that, as a result, he discarded his “white guilt” and proceeded to be more suspicious of the black neighborhoods near him than the white ones. He then proceeds to link that story to the Trayvon Martin case. He concludes by noting that his favorite film is one in which a black man is racist.

Basically I’d take the Daily Caller with a grain of salt on this issue.

I don’t think many teenagers are listening to No Limit albums in 2012. They peaked in popularity years ago.

Makes you wonder where you can go for the truth when both sides are making shit up.