Treadmill causing constipation feeling

For the past 4 days I have had a constipation feeling despite going to the bathroom every day!! A family member said it may be Piriformis Syndrome a dull ache in anus in a piriformis muscle lies deep in the gluteus. Giving a dull ache in anus and feeling need to go to the bathroom and you cannot go.

It seems to come on at night and after I have food. If I lay in bed it seems to help better than sitting in char or on the couch.

A family member said it could be Rectal tenesmus or Piriformis Syndrome and Treadmill use can be related to Piriformis Syndrome.

She also said some people have Inflammatory Bowel Disease cause of prolonged inflammation of the digestive tract or Crohn’s disease that can cause inflammation in any part of the digestive tract or ulcerative colitis a inflammation of the large intestine.

Note I have not seen any diarrhea ,bleeding. Also no pain, cramping, and bloating in the abdominal or little to no stool is passed.

This is really strange for new year:eek::eek::eek: I got a treadmill and now I’m getting this problem.

See a doctor.

Yea I’m thinking if problem goes over week I may have to see a doctor. I’m thinking it is the treadmill use.

I may have also strain my self causing the problem.

Eat more fibre and drink more water. If that doesn’t fix the “gotta poop” feeling, see a doctor.

Your family member has jumped right to major problems. It probably isn’t one of those. Eat some red beans and rice. Drink water. See if a poop takes care of it.

The problem is it is not that I’m constipated :eek::eek:I gone every day and yesterday two times in day.And it is not like little is coming out.

If I understand Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis cause bloating ,abdominal pain and constipation.I have non of that.

I’m thinking hernia maybe? The difference in muscles used/impact aggravating an existing condition? But I am not a doctor nor have I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express – so call a pro if it isn’t gone like real soon.

Could be sciatica related. Could be how you are walking on the treadmill versus the posture you use when you walk on pavement. It could also be a change in diet. If you know it’s not a change in diet, I recommend checking with a doctor.

I should stop going on the treadmill as it could be causing it? Could the treadmill be causing sciatica or pelvic floor dysfunction.



It strange how it started when I started to go on the treadmill.

IANAD but a feeling of fullness in the rectum when you know it’s empty can be a sign of colon or rectal cancer. As others have said here, see a doctor.

Why is it rectal tenesmus is worse sitting in a char or sitting on the couch. But laying seems to help better?

Coming from someone who has UC, it’s the polar opposite of constipation.

Do you just have stomach cramping? If you still feel bad in a few days, consult your physician.

No bloating , stomach cramping or constipation. I’m going every day.

But I wonder if it is ciatica or pelvic floor dysfunction caused by the Treadmill.

Or I’m starting to get Irritable bowel syndrome in the early stages and the reason I say that:mad::mad: I have notice if I eat chocolate I have rectal tenesmus. By the next day I’m okay.

If I eat lots of chocolate in weak I get rectal tenesmus. If I have little chocolate in a weak I have little to no rectal tenesmus.

Where by you eat chocolate than you get rectal tenesmus and by the next day it is gone.

I can have potato chips and no problem.

And now I’m starting to get Irritable bowel syndrome in the early stages.

I know in the past some times not always ice cream and nuts can cause bloating, stomach cramping and bathroom problems.

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You’re doing it wrong.

Go to the damn doctor, good lord.

Ok, semi-serious guess, though I’m really going out on a limb with it:

How active were you before procuring the treadmill? If you were fairly inactive and this is new for you, is it possible that you are just feeling muscle soreness and pain from your gluteal muscles, lower core, and maybe even from your pelvic floor?

Go to a doctor.

Living Well Is Best Revenge and susan I’m not a hypochondriac running to the ER every time I have a problem.

I think I should give it at least a week and if symptoms don’t get better than go.

I don’t think this is emergency ( where I have to go to the ER ASAP) it is not like I’m having stomach pain, bloating, blood, diarrhea or little to no stool is passed.

I would be more scared that it could be some thing if I never gone on treadmill.

I was just wondering about other people that go on the treadmill if they have that problem.

Also I had Cabbage that day and the next day is when this all started. So it could be Cabbage or treadmill.

Some people Cabbage have hard time breaking down and cause flatulence build up and digest problem. When I do pass flatulence and go to the problem it does seem to help. And some times it feels like I have to pass flatulence, like it is build up. And when I pass flatulence it helps.
I don’t think inflammatory Bowel Disease like Crohn’s disease or cancer would give you relive going to the bathroom and passing flatulence.

For someone claiming not to be a hypochondriac, you do throw out all sorts of medical terms (rectal tenesmus, Piriformis Syndrome. pelvic floor dysfunction, etc.). What’s up with that?

No one said go to the ER. But go to your regular doctor. Exercise doesn’t cause a “constipation feeling.”