Treadmill Desk for Home Use?

Has anyone had success using a treadmill desk at home for websurfing or PC gaming?

I haven’t ever tired one, but I’ve had difficulty just reading while on a treadmill. I’d try to do something simple like use a smart phone while on a normal treadmill before I’d start seriously thinking about this.

Turns out that’s excellent advice- I repair treadmills, and after assembling one for a client, decided I would like to have one, but put off by the expense, (some go for as high as $1000 or more) decided to make my own, whereupon I discovered that;

a) it’s really hard to find a deep enough shelving unit to fit even a modest laptop

b) you can really only walk 1/2 to maaaaybe 1.5mph while being able to type, websurf, etc.

c) most doctors, fitness professionals, etc., recommend shorter harder workouts anyways, so while it is good for you, it isn’t as good as you think.

d) my feet would get to where they hurt so much, I’d end up putting a chair on top of the tread belt and sitting most of the time (I spent a lot more time sitting at this weird desk than walking, probably 95% sitting)

e) some affordable treadmill desks sit ON THE TREADMILL handrails, which is a TERRIBLE idea unless you have laptop with an SSD (solid state drive) hard drive- you would never put a record player on a treadmill and then run on it, so how much more of a terrible idea is it to put your computer with all the vital info on it on a vibrating giant machine…

having said all that, IF you find you can and would use it, AND you don’t already own a treadmill, is about the best / least expensive / most cost effective option out there for the money, allows you to use pretty much any desk / table with it, and the owner is very nice and reasonable.

Unpaid boosterism, my company is in California, his is in Indiana.

Oh, and if your pc gaming is a driving / racing game, expect to fall off the treadmill the first time you try to turn in the game- your body wants to lean/turn the same way, I nearly went flying when I tried it, the wife laughed for 5 minutes, maybe have someone standing by with a video camera to document the hilarity the first time you try it…

Back in the day, that kinda video would have won you $10,000, now it just gets you ridiculed and maybe a web redemption on tosh.0.

What sort of gaming? A flight simulator?

/ducks and runs

The best treadmill I have ever used was a manual unit. Very little to break down and it provided a more strenuous workout which to me is the function of a treadmill.