"treasure trails" on women--yea or nay?

I was sitting around at work (standing, actually) and quite literally contemplating my navel. For those of you not in the know, a “treasure trail” is the darker hair that starts at the navel and goes southward. It’s not as obvious on women–I have a slight one. What do some of the male Dopers think (the ladies, too, I shouldn’t be sexist)? Personally, I think it’s quite sexy, so I’m gonna keep it. I remember some girls in high school used to shave their stomachs, so some obviously don’t like it.

I vote yea. Dead sexy.

I think I’d have to see yours to judge properly. :smiley: Generally speaking I think it’s fine, as long as it doesn’t lead to a totally unkempt area.

<looks at navel, doesn’t see anything> Um, what? I’ve never noticed this on a woman before, not that I spend a lot of time looking at nude women, but still. Is this more common in women with darker hair?

Yes. (To elfkin and the OP)

Definite yes vote! A beautiful feature, so full of promise…

Yes. A thousand times Yes.

check out:

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AKA “landing strip” and “racing stripe”. I especially enjoyed the brown pigment version I had while pregnant.
Go, Speed Racer! Go!

thems called crabladders where i come from

My boyfriend calls his his Happy Trail. :smiley:

As for myself, I only have a few random dark hairs that I pluck the second they start to come in.

I vote nay, any day. I’ve never yet seen it look sexy (but then again, I obviously haven’t seen yours).
Besides, to me, happy trail brings thoughts of a male’s pubic-hair-covered area (rhomboid, as opposed to triangular).

I have to agree with flyboy88 it’s sexy as long as it doesn’t lead to a totally unkept area. The last girl I was with had a very noticable happy trail which was fine until I realized that she only had it b/c she doesn’t shave anything down there.

I only realized a couple of WEEKS ago (yes, I’m hopelessly backward) that the women in “Playboy” and that type of thing don’t have 'em. I have one. I’m not going to bother shaving it. If a person to whom I’m sexually attracted is going to let a little thing like a string of belly hair turn them off, they probably don’t deserve to see that little trick I do with my tongue anyhow.



A light, downy line is sexy. If you can comb it, I’m not attracted.

Women’s body hair is fabulous, so “absolutely” to the OP.

I also want to chime in on the issue of “totally unkempt” pubic area just enough to remind women that many men really prefer the unmodified, stubble-free, go-where-it-will beauty of your body just the way it is.


Now THAT is a healthy attitude. You should write a book.

It gives me a temporary limp.

(no smartass, not “makes me”).

I generally prefer “natural”, or only lightly trimmed anyway, and I think a downy stipe like that is sexy as all get out. Heavy, unkempt body hair usually turns me off, however, so I guess it depends, for me.