Tree kangaroo extinct?

Nope. 90 years later they found and photographed one:


I’ll say! Coolest.
Now on to bigfoot;)

That is cool! I’ll just point out that it is specifically the Wondiwoi tree-kangaroo that is rare. My local zoo has tree-kangaroos.

God Dammit! :mad: Now my wife is going to want one! :mad:

Next up, the elusive drop bear.

Ah, well I remember the tree kangaroos at Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence. We watched one fall out of the tree. The docent commented, “Something scared those kangaroos wicked bad up into the trees, but they haven’t evolved enough to be able to stay up there.” (When I was a young thing, they also had naked mole rats, though they don’t appear on their site at this time.)

^^aw! I love naked mole rats.

Bigfoot, hell, where’s my my Dire Wolf!?

And there are tree-kangaroos in the Toronto zoo. I saw them there, and later described them to my friends, who didn’t believe me…

Kangaroos are technically “macropods”, from the group “Macropodidae”. And yes, “macropod” means “bigfoot”…