Trees are indistinguishable from Broccoli

From high up, y’know.

‘Scuse me for sayin’ so, but this seems more. . .MPSIMS than Pit material.

I did mean to put it there.

Which doesn’t alter the fact that most people will wonder why I put it anywhere at all. It’s too MPSIMS for my own brain.

Well, Ronald Reagan (the renowned conservationist) once said: “A tree’s a tree - how many more do you need to look at?” And we could pit him for that, except he’s dead.

Eat your broccoli, Lobsang.

My kids call Broccoli Trees, so it must be true.

Are you struggling to get enough oxygen?

You ever see Chubby Broccoli? Do a Google for it.

Is it true you can kill brocolli with depleted uranium nails?

How about serving the broccoli on a 1920s stylish tray?

Face it, Lobsang, this is too MPSIMS for MPSIMS.