"trees are indistinguishable from broccoli" thread should NOT have been locked!!!

hey moderators–whazzup?

just 'cause you think a thread is stupid, don’t mean you should lock it.
I’m in the mood right now to read a stupid thread…(my phone call is on hold, and I’m tired of hearing “please wait on the line”)

so I found myself a good stupid thread----and you locked it. This just ain’t FAIR!!!
The thread didn’t advocate anything illegal, it didnt threaten violence.It just made a simple observation of scientific truth—and offered 6 lucky posters a chance to add some more humor to a silly OP----until you went and locked all the rest of us out of the fun.


Well… At least I didn’t start this.


Yeah, give us our vegetable-forestry discussion back!

Free-associate about foodstuffs all you want–saayyy, ever notice how much cauliflower looks like a brain?–but do it in MPSIMS.

Just great. Monday morning and some guy pitches a hissy fit because his veggie-lookalike thread was taken away. I can already tell this week is gonna be a winner.

You misspelled “whiner”.

Try this one; it should satiate your “stupid thread” hunger.

that’s what I’m bitchin’ about, Mr moderator.
You didnt move the thread to MPSIMS–you LOCKED it. You could have moved it, but, no, you acted like a Nazi!! (no, not the german kind, the soup kind)
(can you tell that I’ve been put on hold again) :slight_smile:

So Lobsang pretty much admits that it was a worthless OP. Then what’s the problem?

Worthless = Mundane = Pointless

So why wasn’t it moved to MPSIMS?

Anyway, trees are distinguishable from brocolli; if you’re close enough to chop them and put them in a steamer, trees are readily distinguishable from broccoli because * they look like trees* - if you’re flying high over the rainforest in a helicopter, they are readily distinguishable from broccoli because you’re flying high over the rainforest in a fricking helicopter.

Hope this helps.

You’ve never floated above a field of broccoli on a kite, I take it?

Not in any sense of what we normally call ‘reality’ - and even if I had, it would be distinguishable from trees because of the growth habit; broccoli is just the flowering structure of a cabbage cultivar; it doesn’t grow closely packed together like a rainforest canopy.

but what if you are cooking the broccoli in a steamer while flying in a helicopter???

this could cause major confusion, with unpredictable results…

(and yes, I’ve been put on hold, again…) :slight_smile:

Get a Live Journal account and you can post all the stupid shit you want and never have to worry about someone locking it.

Simple; the trees are the green stuff that’s far away - if this isn’t the case, then I’d venture to suggest that there are more pressing concerns than the correct identification of vegetables.

anyone attempting it deserves every morsel of confusion they get.

B-b-b-but the steamer is in a different room! There’s trees outside the window! They’re the same distance away from me!

:: head spinning ::

Not only should that thread have been closed, the computer posted it should have been beat with a sledgehammer, the house where that computer resided should have been torn down, the plot of land where the house was should be sown with salt, and the OP reduced to sitting on a street corner with a sign reading, “will bore you to tears for food.”

You’ve met Lobsang before?

Ever notice how, from high up, those meatball-pruned yew shrubs look like brussels sprouts?
And Lobsang resembles an ant, six legs and all.

I’ve got to stop taking the aisle seat.

Man, you just * blew…my…mind…*