BoyScout11 - Come On Down!

You, sir, are a moron.

When you start a thread in Great Debates, you are supposed to post some kind of evidence for your assertions. Said evidence may not consist of “some clown told me so on another messageboard”, even if they had a really cool user name. Scientific studies would be good. Simply saying “I really believe in this crackpot notion”, however, is not.

And saying “I am not gonna post any cites, because I prefer pulling your chain” makes me think of a naughty word beginning with T.

And guess what - if turning the garden hose on yourself when you are too warm represents the pinnacle of your creative thinking, don’t be surprised when your intellectual superiors (briefly, anyone who can get their shoes on the correct feet in the mornings) make mockery of your lame-assed attempts at self-justification.


You are a putz. You’re a dolt, a drooler, a driveling dimwit, a densely dumb dodo deserving of defenestration.

You’re Bozo the Clown’s half-witted brother, who they don’t let into the clown car because you try to blame your farts on someone else. If your brains were converted to dynamite and detonated all at once, the resulting explosion would not make a candle flicker. You think depleted uranium is dense? Compared to your skull, it’s balsa wood.

You have a reserved seat on the short bus. You cannot retain a grip on reality because your hands are slippery from confusing the word “strawberry” with “KY” and opening the wrong jelly jar.

You’re special.


I have suspected as much.

It’s a bit sad, really. His first post gave me a really good impression of him. Turns out he’s just another… well, naughty word.

Paging Mr. Link…Paging Mr. Link…Your children are in the jelly aisle making quite a mess. Thank you.

Those threads would be: Depleted Uranium Tipped Weapons and How much of our money goes to taxes?? I hope he departs while his fragile delusion of adequacy remains in place.

I saw this coming, but I wouldn’t mind knowing what post/thread it was specifically that finally got to you, Shodan.

Damn, I’m always 60 seconds late.

I thought it was the dyslexia thread.

Ah, my friend, you seem to forget his brain cells that float to the sides of the head and cause dyslexia.

I was having a lot of fun tormenting him early on when he was completely incoherent. And then I realized that it was well into the second page of a Great Debates thread and he had not yet used a single URL tag. That’s two pages, stubbornly ignoring requests for a cite.

Trying to be helpful – figuring that deflating him would be more fun if he would cite something, anything! – I even posted links to sites that contained evidence in favor of his argument. No dice, and no cite. So finally, I challenged him to post any link at all. This is kind of like the SNL skit Celebrity Jeopardy! where Trebek asks them to write down “a number. Any number will do, like three or six or nine.”

His reply leaves no doubt in my mind: If he had a theme song, it would be “Under the Bridge” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. If he were Barack Obama, he would have spent his entire 20 minute speech talking about the goats his father herded. If he went fishing, he’d do it by hanging bait out the back of the boat and cruising very slowly past the fish. His favorite bedtime story is “The Three Billy Goats Gruff.”

Anyone who can get me on the same side of a debate as the infamous Shodan has clearly picked a losing proposition. To quote George Carlin, “hey! This guy’s full of shit!”

I want the 15 minutes I spent reading some of those threads back. LOL.


For clarity: BoyScout11 is the one who’s full of shit, and my only quarrel with Shodan is that we tend to disagree on several political issues.

Regards &c.,


I usually don’t even bother with these new posters who come in and shit all over the place, but for some reason I made an exception for this guy. I have no idea why. I even considered Pitting him myself, but eventually lost interest.

I think his first posting date was Aug 2. He’ll be gone by Sept 2, if he doesn’t get banned first. I agree that we should let him spend the next few weeks in splendid isolation.

I figured he was just a nutty old guy that was relatively new to the computer thing, so I cut him some slack, but his repeated requests to address irrelevant points and habit (that I called him on) of making up addiitonal data when a hole was poked in his porous “argument” made me think otherwise.

This exchange from this thread appears to show that he’s a troll (specifically the dramatic style change in the second post):

Already clear, but thanks anyway.

Why do I expect BoyScout11 to start talking about “the purity of essence of our precious bodily fluids”?


I didn’t really think all that badly of him until he went into the whole “syndicate” that somehow manages to control the entire media thing.

One part lekatt, one part timecube-guy.

Naah. Even lekatt had an occasional supporter. Like jshore pointed out in the tax thread, BoyScout11’s genius is that he has managed to get everybody to disagree with him. Bitter political rivals, legendary haters of each other’s guts, ancient duelists… all have united to fight the strangeness that is BoyScout11. I haven’t seen one, not one, single post agreeing with him even in part. That’s quite an accomplishment.

I found the depleted uranium thread to be quite amusing, with as finely honed sarcasm as I’ve seen in some time. Some of those posts were things of beauty.

I’d not expect the fellow referenced in the OP here to be around for much longer; he’s admitted his purpose. Now I’m off to read the dyslexia thraed!

One of Boyscout’s threads should be made a sticky labeled ‘This Is The Enemy’