Boy Scout 11 is back!

I haven’t been on the boards for a couple of days, and i come back to discover that he’s picked up just where he left off

I look forward to the renewed unity of purpose we previously showed in the Pit.

That’s odd. I thought he said he was leaving. Or am I just showing an inability to read and comprehend what he’s written?

Once again, we have all twisted and turned his words :rolleyes:

Apparently he can hold his breath for four days. Turning blue didn’t seem to impress anyone. So, he’s back.

Wow. 21 posts in one day, mostly to his DU weapons thread. 21 posts, and no cites for any of the opinions he posted, in spite of numerous requests for cites… then that guy with the big-ass whompin’ clue stick completely missed BS11 in SentientMeat’s latest Political Compass thread…

See, kiddies? This is what happens when your tinfoil hat is too tight.

Not tinfoil. Aluminum foil! * Tinfoil leeches testosterone and other precious bodily fluids from the scalp follicles.* This causes the male thought vibrations to weaken and puts us more at risk of being controlled by the governments orbital Q-pattern discs. ** You’ve seen them! They fly overhead at sundown to take readings when solar-cosmic rays are at their minimum in the oblique angular range!** It’s true! I’ve got the proof but if I post it my the CIA alert chip in my computer will forward it directly to Donald Trump.

It’s all revealed at my proxy-secured, encrypted website (The password is the 37th through 43rd digits of pi, rendered in base nine!

Making that stuff up gives me a headache.


Thanks. Couldn’t say that in GD.

Hoo boy.

This should be interesting, to say the least. What the hell is he talking about?

Apparently, to him:

Can anyone translate that from Moron to English for me?

I don’t know, I’m just an obtuse poster.

Actually, he’s just confusing GQ for IMHO. He wants to discuss weighty issues without having to provide any cites for his opinions, and keeps doing it in GQ. People step up to the plate, provide him with a cite that shows he’s incorrect, and he just keeps talking from his own knowledge and experience, which would be fine… in IMHO.

Eh…his comeback was short lived. Our very own Gaudere has sent him to the Land of the Banned.

I probably should have banned him right off, but I had a glimmer of hope that he could learn to argue better after some lessons from the GDers and he would watch his step after a warning. It appears I was wrong about that.

When I saw that big fat “BANNED” under his name I felt like a great big weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Aaaaaaahh.

Oh man, he just paid his dues and now he’s banned. Ah well.

DARN! I felt like he was so close, but that dang clue stick just kept… missing… the target…

I’m not asking you to name names, but has anyone ever come out swinging like that from the get go, and then cleaned up his act? Hard to imagine… He had such a clear and profound persecution complex that it was only a matter of time.

I personally will reimburse him for his dues if he promises never to come back under another name, a different ISP, etc.

In fact, I may throw in a couple of extra bucks if he un-bookmarks SDMB and never even calls up this site again.

What got me the most about that curious lad was his shitting in one of SentientMeat’s ‘Political Compass’ threads. Probably the best ‘organized’ and layed-out series of threads I have seen here, and Boy Wonder comes along and just starts tearing on them. The mind boggles.

My favorite part of the whole ordeal was right before the Big Moment. When he started a thread in Great Debates entitled “What is a debate?”, I was really hoping that a mod would lock the thread and say “This belongs in GQ.”

Twisting his words (I won’t deny it, I was a mean son of a bitch) was a ton of fun, especially the riff about horses. I am a little dismayed that he lost his cool before we could educate him about the mechanics of a debate, but them’s the breaks.

Quick aside: is there a place on this message board that I can direct a newbie if they honestly don’t understand what a debate is, or what our customs are regarding them?

On the whole, I look forward to doing it again sometime soon. I can only hope that we’ll continue to attract such fine candidates for the position. :eek:


I must say, you really were spectacular throughout that thread.

I too was in awe at your posts throughout, Jurph , not least because those detailed point-by-point rebuttals to his post required you to actually read his posts. I gave up looking for coherence after I think his third post, and read them by reading your rebuttals.