Trek Dopers! How's your Summer?




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Mr Blue Sky

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Spatial Rift 47**

and others…

How ya been?

Special shout out to Kn(*)ckers and Tars Tarkas who are very much missed.
BTW, this isn’t a popularity type thread. All I did was recount off the top of my head who participated heavily in Trek threads during my tenure here. If I missed you, sorry. My memory does have holes at times. If I included you but you aren’t a Trek freak, I’m even more sorry! :stuck_out_tongue: If you want to be known as a Trek Doper (primary or secondary) and I didn’t list you or just plain ass forgot, jump on in.

My Summer has been alternately crazy and calm, like Lazurus (Trekkers will get this).

I’m here to send you into the corridor, for the sake of both universes.

“…and what of Lazarus?” stares off dramatically

(I knew the in joke would work!)

btw, :dubious: still means Trek to me. It’s confusing when non Trekkers use it in the way that the Admin intended instead of the way that we Trek Dopers corrupted it to.

Since I’ve been unemployed, my days have mainly consisted of many hours of TNG on SpikeTV, followed by an episode of MacGyver.

I KNEW I would forget someone! :smack:

Seems to me, from past experience on this board, that LOTR and Trek share many of the same Dopers as fans. Might just be the Sci-Fi/Fant mix thing going on.

Hell, I even like Star Wars.

  • clears throat noisily *

ChoppedLivre, checking in.

SSShhhhhhh!!! Not so loudly! :wink:

Well, shit, shouldda done a cafe search instead of using the Data method…

Monstre is a huge Trekker presence on the Dope. How’s that diet comin? :stuck_out_tongue:

Gotta run do work ( !?!?! ) in a little bit, so, I’m not ignoring any of you, see? Come on in, help yourself to the drinks and snacks. Try not to scare the neighbours. (Good thing I put this in MPSIMS, the way it’s going to end up.)

Guess that’s what I get for falling behind on season 4 (and missing those threads), eh?

  • still has much of season 4 on tape, not yet watched *

I’m surviving now that the second season of Battlestar Gallactica has begun.

I been waiting for the premiers of Battlestar Galactica and the Stargates. Other than that, not much. Oh, and DS9 / TNG reruns on Spike.
BTW, BSG was awesome. One of the best shows on TV now or ever.

[clears throat]
I’ve been busy and hot.

We had a nice vacation to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, Ivyboy is done with his summer school (he took a course to get ahead) and Ivylad is as well as can be expected. Ivygirl is fine, and we dodged one hurricane. Only 3 1/2 months to go!

Me, well, apparently when I go on vacation things in my department fall apart. Seriously. I’ve heard horror stories and I think there will be some shit hitting the fan before too long.

I edited a book and am about to edit another one; getting a story published and working on another one; have been through some dental hell and physical therapy hell too; went to San Juan Capistrano for 3 nights, Laughlin for 2 nights, and Ventura for one day; babysat; going to dog-sit; have scored a lot of placement tests; recovered some lost wages at a casino.

Bambi sent me BSG season 1 on DVD. Good stuff.

I made it through season 3 of Quantum Leap on DVD.

I got Netflix and am watching season 1 of both Carnivale and Deadwood, and saw all of Taken.

Also working my way through season 1 of ENT on DVD.

D’Oh! :smack: I’m also watching Firefly on DVD.

Did you guys know that some Star Trek alumns are working on The 4400? Rene Echevarria and Ira Steven Behr are exec producters, and Jeffrey Combs (Brunt, Weyoun, Andorian) had a guest appearance recently as a catatonic patient awakened from his state due to a transmitter built by a fellow patient who was a 4400.

Glad you enjoyed it. Really is among the best ever.

Taken was really good too. It could have made a decent series, if it had been expanded a little. I can see showing more of what happened during each separate era on the show within each season. Excellent mini.

And just as a heads up, Firefly starts Friday @ 7 Eastern on SciFi. I’m gonna watch it this time, as I missed it on Fox.

I’ve been on vacation since June 1st and am returning to Oregon tomorrow night.

I’m also now a blond and have went down six pants sizes since the beginning of the year.

Well … I’ve been reading the Star Trek: Worlds of DS9 books. They really are good, believe it or not. I still haven’t been able to watch the last episode of Enterprise - ugh.

I am planning to start watching Battlestar Galactica and Firefly when it starts showing on Sci-Fi next week.

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