Where did your summer go?

I had a lot of plans on Memorial Day, and now the summer’s over.

I got to the beach once, and saw two movies, and a new art museum. Went on two day trips, one major party, and that’s it.

I remember when I was in school, the summer was like a lifetime long.

What I did during the summer: fatten up my post count. Also, I went to the beach twice, went to about 5 movies, played pool about 10 times, went to about three parties, and had a birthday. Not bad.

Straight down the damn toilet. I got a new job, a new apartment, moved twice, bought the world’s shittiest bed, replaced it, etc., etc. A whole lot of disorienting life changes, no time for fun. Oh, I think I also took oh, say, ten showers during this time. :wink:

The same place the last 28 years of my life went.

Wherever that might be.

I saw a couple of movies, went to Williamsburg, went to King’s Dominion, to Asheville, NC for a day…and worked. It was a fun summer.

Hey, what tha—
::looking around, checking under throw pillows::
I swear it was just here a secind ago.

second ago…

I wish I knew. I have no reason to whine about it because I had 7 weeks off, but man it did fly by. Ultress came to visit for a week which was a blast. Boyo and I did a ton of stuff, spent a couple of weeks with a friend and all of a sudden it was time to go back.

I guess I had a good summer - it was just so busy.
Let’s see - 1st Monday of vacation to July 22 were spent rehersing and writing parts of a play.
For two weeks after that, I loafed in front of the t.v. by day and reviewed for a Regents exam by night.
After that spent one week in Rochester & Cooperstown getting a sunburn in the process.
Then I came home and am now running, dodgeing and dribbling my way through hours of field hockey practice.

Now that I think about it, my sumer went out the window. <sigh>

lots of work, over 1,500miles on my mtn. bike, a week of backpacking in the Sawtooth Mtn Range in MN/Canada lots of shooting claypigeons, singles, doubles, triples, TONS of kayaking, weightlifting… ummmm… some more work, well, a little sleep tons of parties, and… well… hangin’ out with my hunnies too :slight_smile:

Let’s see…

Went to Mexico for a week.

Week long, cross-country, U-Haul trip moving psycat from Jersey here to CA.

Lots of dinners, BBQs, etc with family.

Went camping at the river for a week. This included going to the beach and a lot of side trips. This was during the month that my kids were here with me.

Went camping again, at a different river.

Two dopefests, one at our house. :wink:
Hmm, I dunno where the hell it went. We had intended on doing a lot more.

I spent the whole time camping. I’ve got a small truck with a camperback. (My main job is seasonal, but there’s always dirty jobs you can get at a campsite, to get by, hauling trash and cleaning and painting, etc.)

I spent the first month studying for the USMLE Step I.

Aside from that, I spent a week in Key West and a week on the Phish tour. Much of the rest I spent lounging around the backyard or working on my magic act.

It was a fine summer.

Dr. J

You mean that period of time where you don’t have school?

Mine was the middle part of August. I spent it online, mostly.

My summers, for the next 40-50 years, will consist of classes (up to a point . . . I don’t plan to be in school in 5 years) and work. Fun fun fun. Baby yeah.

Except my work will hopefully be fun, so it’s not that bad.

Kicked off the summer with the ChiDope fest in May. Spent the rest of the summer working & moving, except for one weekend up north, and the Dopefest at my house. I cannot believe how fast it’s gone.

Geeeeez, my summer is still here. I live in Oklahoma and I think the high today is 108. Heat index 118. I think we’ve had .01 inches of rain this summer. I cannot even remember the last time it rained or even the last time it was cloudy. Summer is great but there comes a time when it’s just enough already!

Straight to hell.

Oh, and I racked up about 760 posts here. Yee haw!

Let’s see…

Got off school on June 23.

Spent the night of June 25 at my friend Carlee’s house. Tried to sneak into a kegger. Didn’t work, because it just so happened that the first person we ran into is the guy Carlee used to purposefully piss off daily. Instead we went down and played a strange cross between hockey and soccer with some drunk college boys in the parking lot of the local pizza & beer joint.

Went to work 4 days a week all of summer.

July 5, started driver’s ed.

July 14, threw a two-weeks-delayed party for Canada Day. The entire party consisted of me, Carlee, my other best friend Sara, Sara’s boyfriend and HIS best friend, and two losers we invited out of pity but shortly got sick of and sent home, claiming that the party was over three hours before it actually was just so they’d go away.

Continued driver’s ed.

August 14, got out of driver’s ed.

August 16, flew to New Orleans to stay with my sister.

August 17, watched my first WWF event, got drunk for the first time.

August 18-26, much sister-condoned drinking (she’s a bartender, showed me how to mix some drinks) and many electric guitar lessons from my big, burly wrestler-wannabe brother-in-law, also somewhere in there I saw M:I2

August 27, watched SummerSlam with my sister, b-i-l and some of their friends, almost had sex with my sister’s bartender buddy, didn’t because we realized my sister would kill him if we did; let myself get drawn into a drinking contest with b-i-l, dropped out after ten shots of cheri beri and two shots of tequila (could still walk, not a straight line but good enough)

August 28, wandered Bourbon Street

August 29, flew home

August 30-September 3, house- and pet-sitted for mom’s best friend

September 1, went to county fair with Carlee

September 5, back to school for my senior year of HS

Oh, just another giddy whirl…

Worked, slept, ate, worked, worked; actually, given the blistering weather, it’s been the same old stressful grind, only hotter.

jjjfishe, I’d wondered how you and other Southern Dopers were faring with this wretched heat wave. It’s been mid-90’s here with saturated humidity for weeks. No real rain, though. The grass is so dry it crackles. Wish there were some way to just wring some of the sweltering humidity out of the air and dump it on the ground where it’s needed.

Gad, I’m boring!


Gosh… I relaxed, watched birds, gardened, read, watched the flowers grow, attended numerous Cleveland Indians games, cleaned stuff, watched the birds a bit more, procrastinated about the beginning of the school year, panicked when the new school year was upon me, and now I’m enjoying the heck out of my second grade class. I wonder sometimes if summer is overrated. (My students are much too precious.)