Trek: TOS fans: what do you think happened to the Organians (and their peace treaty)?

The non-whippersnappers among us will remember the Star Trek episode “Errand of Mercy,” notable for three reasons. One, it introduced the Klingons, who proved to be slightly important later; two, it also introduced the Organians, a race of apparently-godlike aliens who, unlike the Q, did not become recurring characters; and three, there were no hot chicks wandering around showing off their boobs, unless you count Lieutenant Uhura and the nameless yeoman, both of whom certainly had very nice boobs but were attired to show off their wheels instead.

Which is not the point of this thread. The point of this thread is that “Mercy” was an episode with a message–“War is bad, and generally neither belligerent is free of guilt”—which was delivered by the Organians using their magic powers to put a stop to hostilities, and Kirk arguing as hotly as Koloth (the Klingon commander) that the mortals had to right to wage war and kill millions of hoser before he realized he was being a jerkwad. Which made for a good stand-alone episode but created problems in the long run, as the Klingons kept popping up and stirring up shit, and yet, mysteriously, the gods of Organia never bothered to put a stop to their hostilities. So far as I know this was never explained in any episode or movie, but certainly by the time of TNG, there wasn’t even lip service being paid to the Organian Peace Treaty.

Which IS the point of this thread? Speaking entirely in fanwanking terms, what do you think happened to the Organians and their Treaty?

Poll in a moment, but don’t let that slow you down?

Well, as far as canon goes, the Organian Peace Treaty was pretty self maintaining. “Do not attack each other, or you’ll regret it. Develop worlds in the neutral zone as you see fit, and whoever does it better gets the planet. And don’t annoy us.”

They could well still be there. Although I do wonder where they were during Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, which ended with a space battle between the Enterprise and a Klingon ship…

I seem to remember it being mentioned a bunch of times in subsequent series.

The treaty is something both sides agreed to and they have each other to hold themselves accountable for any violations. I expect the Organians quickly distanced themselves from taking any further actions.
It may have been a relief for them that the truth of their nature came out and their world put off limits and they could stop maintaining a Disney Land for less evolved species.

I will need both of you to rephrase your answers in the form of a wisecrack. Well, two wisecracks technically, one for each of you. Don’t make me do the thing with the gizmo.

This may be the first time in my life I’ve ever been accused of not being entertaining enough.

I feel like the Organians were closer to Tom Bombadil, they had their section of the Galaxy and did not worry much beyond it. As long as the Feds & Klingons stay out of their version of the Old Forest they didn’t worry about it. The Tribble planet (not the actual planet Tribbles were from but the farming planet that the station was orbiting) was within the relatively smallish area of concern.

Well, to be blunt, what do billion-year-old disembodied energy-intelligences really have in common with crude meatcreatures anyway?

Personally, I think the only reason they bothered communicating in the first place was because they had a sentimental attachment to the Organian scenery, and didn’t want Captain Kirk and the Klingons rearranging it.

We all know you can do better.

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Hear, hear! I’m off to work on that.

I blame the tribbles myself.

After reaching Organian Treaty, as it’s known in trashier outposts of Alpha Quadrant, they rolled over and were fast asleep in five minutes. They promised to call the next day but it’s been over 100 years and the Federation hasn’t gotten a ring yet even though they check the answering machine every day.

Basically number 1 with a bit of 2. They kept tabs to make sure that peace was happening, but otherwise didn’t give a shit. The fighting between the Federation and Klingons never bothered them until it happened on their planet.

My guess is that, as pure beings of thought, they probably were some sort of telepaths, and that all the hostility caused them mental pain.

Welcome to my world.

It’s my understanding from looking at gaming materials & such that the majority of the hostilities or shenanigans that occurred between the Feds & the Klings occurred elsewhere in the galaxy for this specific reason. They each populated a few places there but nobody really trusted how it might turn out; nobody wanted to end up polymorphed into a field of daisies just because somebody threw a rock at a Klingon.

My theory was that they were gently trying to do what I’d do if two dogs got in a fight in my yard: turn the hose on them.

It turns out they were allergic to cream pies, and so were all killed in the fight on Direidi.

There was a prequel episode in Enterprise featuring the Organians, but I can’t remember anything about it and am too lazy to touch googleing.

They probably just said random scary sounding bullshit to get left alone and hopefully stop a big war, but don’t care enough to bother following up.


We don’t talk about Enterprise here, son. Except to explain the Scott Bakula fatwa.

I go for the line that they just rattled the primitives into behaving themselves and then after a while as they saw they were more or less evolving properly they got bored and moved along. Which is good, after all they would have got in the way of stuff happening.

The return of the micro-miniskirt as a standard uniform item is something humanity looks forward to. And which I hope some continuum anomaly involving time travel and phase inverted tachyons will (a) make happen earlier and (b) make stick permanently. The style does seem to signal one of the last grand hurrahs for the gams-centric vision of Hollywood female pulchritude before the rise to dominance of what’s Up Front – which Trek did exemplify in other episodes.

And I am proud to be one of the first poll responders to give the dah-ah-YAM to Ms Nichols in the Mirror Uhura get-up (BTW notice how very smoothly Uhura was able in that universe to adopt the persona of the stone bitch who’ll cut ya if you get outta line…). Between Nichelle Nichols and Zoe Saldaña many a pasty young geek has spent much quality time back at his bunk appreciating diversity, and that is another great contribution of the franchise to the general culture.

This has never bugged me, I don’t understand why some Trek fans have such an issue with it. I mean on Earth in 2015 women certainly don’t wear gender specific clothing designed to be revealing and show off their secondary sexual characteristics, instead even now we are so enlightened that drab unisex clothing is the norm for both sexes…

Yea ok back to reality, it isn’t a requirement that women in TOS wear miniskirts, they want to because they think it makes them look hot. I’m pretty sure if a woman wanted to wear pants or an unrevealing male uniform it would not be a problem. Easiest fan wank ever.

Hell by the time of TNG not only have miniskirts switched to a male fashion already, it was on its way out as a style for men by the time of the show. Which is why only a few hipster crew members were wearing it and only for the first few episodes.

Not really in reply to you JRD, just figuring I’d state it here since this thread will prolly bring all the Trekkies out.