Trent Lott sticks his foot in his mouth again

I honestly didn’t think he’d ever top the Strom Thurmond debacle, but leave it to Trent to lower the bar even further.

I think destroying an entire country is being a little more aggressive than is strictly necessary, but maybe that’s just me. :rolleyes:

You might want to rethink your username, Mister.

You think people still take him seriously?

You think that’s real air your breathing?


He’s just talking about landscaping. You know how those insane suicide bombers are hiding in the tall grass. If they’d mow that down, maybe add a koi pond, and plant a few trees for shade, then that country would be fixed right up.

I love the “see what happens” tag on. You know, exterminate the Middle East, and if that doesn’t help, we can send a really nice card to apologize.

Hey, I don’t see what’s so “unorthodox” about it. Wreck the irrigation canals, build a few pyramids of human skulls, and lay waste the countryside until not one stone is left upon another–if it was good enough for Genghis Khan, it ought to be good enough for us!

“Mr. Lott, it’s Mr. Hasert on line 2, he says shut the fuck up already.”

Really, you would think he learned to keep his ignorant mouth shut by now. He will be sitting in the “Keep you stupid ass opinions to yourself” class this weekend with General with the enlightened views of Islam.

“Mow the place down”, what an idiot.


What’s he talking about, I thought Bush said we were winning their hearts and minds (guess Trent doesn’t think we got a grip on their balls)

Trent Lott with his foot in his mouth? Well I don’t know if its his Bromiosis or his Halitosis, but it sure stinks…

Trent Lott is all about winning the Iraqi people’s hearts and minds, too. And once he does, he’ll toss 'em all in a big squishy pile for the kids to play in.

“It’s a very fine '99 Bruno Magli, with just a soupcon of Taiwan sweatshop aftertaste.”

To a man with a hammer, everything looks like… another chance to make a titanic ass of himself.

So, in other words–kill 'em all, let Allah sort 'em out?

Wow. Could we seriously not find anyone more qualified to govern us? It seems like I could walk around for about 15 minutes and find a few. Ugh.

LC, humming the “We’re All Republicans Now” song from Prarie Home Companion

I had to check the link. Don’t know this cheerfully yclept Mr. A, might be some raving lefty posting some scurrillous misprepresentation, falsely insinuating that Trent Lott is a souless political zombie.

If only.

More fuel to terrirism. What a fucking idiot.

Sounds like they’re starting to run scared. Casting about for a way out of a tough situation. They assumed themselves into a mess, and are worried about the elections next year. This is a good thing.

The problem is that these people think they are qualified. What we need are less qualified people.

My theory is this: The less effective the politicians are, the better off we will be. Almost everything a politician does, they f**k it up. So we need to get them to do less – be less effective. Don’t worry, the important stuff will still get done, because hundreds and thousands of people will call and write to demand that the important stuff gets done. It’s the stuff the politicians think up themselves that we need to stop.

Clearly, less effective politicians are what we need.

How ineffective should they be?

Should we have a lottery for public offices?
howabout good 'ol government by haruspicy?

Both ideas sound good right now

What’s funny about Lott’s statement is that the Pubbies clearly can’t recall why they’re supposed to be there in the first place.

It used to be that they were there to protect us from the Big Bad WMDs. But once they became the Big Bad Nonexistent WMDs, the purpose of the invasion all along had been to liberate the Iraqi people from Saddam and bring them democracy. (Eurasia had always been at war with Eastasia.) But Lott apparently left his script at home, and forgot that we were doing all of this as a humanitarian effort to benefit the Iraqi people.


Great idea, 'possum stalker. Does anybody think we would be worse off if public officers were selected by lottery? Subject to the same qualification and legalities as now for entry into the lottery, but selected purely by chance. Buy a $10 lottery ticket – if you win, you get to be mayor. Hey, it’s also a great revenue generator.

I really like this idea.