Treo 650 as wireless connection for MacBook Pro?

I have a Treo 650 furnished by my employer. Our plan includes unlimited data. For my PC laptop, I’ve installed PDAnet and I’m able to get online through the Treo that way.

We recently purchased a MacBook Pro, and I’m trying to configure it and the Treo in a similar fashion. The Treo and the MacBook are Bluetooth enabled. I found the following tutorial on how to set up a Bluetooth connection:

But, my Treo does not give me access to the DUN setting. I have escalated my question to our Tech Support, but I’m curious if there are other ways to achieve a connection without having to mess with Bluetooth DUN.

The PC is using PDAnet software that I purchased, but is not using Bluetooth. I plug my Treo into my PC laptop’s USB port. Is there a similar method for Macs?

I don’t care if there has to be a wire between the Treo and the laptop, is what I’m trying to say.