Trevor Noah on TDS

So, anyone catch Trevor Noah, the new South African correspondent on The Daily Show? What did you think?

I’m already a fan of Trevor, just curious what Americans thought.

I thought it was a good segment. He seemed very practiced in front of the camera.

Anyone know if this was a one-time thing, or is he a new Daily Show correspondent?


My understanding is he’s one of a crop of new correspondents.

I thought he was good. We’ll see what material the show gives him, but I liked the bit Thursday night.

I liked his bit and loved his accent. I hope he stays more intelligent than schticky - they don’t need any more Sam Bee crap.

I look forward to future appearances.

His segment was amazing, but I didn’t know how much of that was him and how much of that was the writing of the show. But I’m rather hopeful.

The correspondents’ first introduction segments are often awkward. This one was a little awkward and a little forced, but it really was pretty good. Much better than most intro segments. (Wyatt Cenac had the best intro segment: covering the terrible flooding in Missouri (?) standing side by side with Jason Jones, Wyatt “George Bush doesn’t care about wet people!”)

Trevor Noah was funny and smart and had a unique perspective. I’m looking forward to his future segments.
(Would be nice if he could edge out Jordan Klepper, who has not been funny ONCE!)

Thought it was awesome. Glad to see a (one-time) QI panelist come on over and be a Daily Show correspondent. He joins the ranks of John Hodgman, two people to work on both QI and the Daily Show.

John Hodgeman did NOT appear on QI…

…is what I keep telling myself.

(it really was kinda painful. Witty banter is just not his thing).

I thought it was fantastic. The “boy are my arms tired” bit at the beginning worked really well in retrospect: it had me cringing, expecting five minutes of “ha, ha, watch the new correspondent be painfully unfunny, THATS THE JOKE!” schtick. But he pivoted perfectly and was painfully on-point. I definitely look forward to more of him.

I saw Hodgeman speak a few weeks ago and someone asked him about QI. He said that the producers offer the panelists a chance to look over the topics beforehand so they can get some material going in their head and he didn’t want to “cheat” so he refused. He highly regrets his decision.

I have no recollection of Trevor Noah on QI!! I need to go back and find it!

Okay - I’ll bite: QI? It appears to be a forum called Quite Interesting? Any more context?

It’s a British Game Show.


Ah - cool. Didn’t know - thanks!

Short clip of Trevor on QI where he melts Stephen Fry’s underpants. Also Sandi Toksvig’s knickers, which is an achievement . They also have the whole episode on youtube.

That’s was very cool and interesting and shows that this guy may be new to the U.S., but clearly has deep experience in the UK and other parts of the world. I loved his facility with Xhosa click-speak - very fun!

Who is Sandi Toksvig? Also, I didn’t know of the Britishism “you’ve just about got me turned” - clearly she means that she found his ability to speak and sing in Xhosa sexy and exotic…just hadn’t heard it summed up that way…

Wow I just watched that QI episode with Trevor Noah like less than 2 weeks ago and I completely didn’t make the connection that it was the same guy on TDS.

He was very funny. I look forward to more of his reports. Daily Show sure finds some gems.

I assume this guy was already somewhat well known in SA, or perhaps in the UK?

British-Danish actress and comedienne, also a QI regular but more relevantly…

…Sandi is very much a lesbian. Does that clear it up?

Ah!!! Thank you. It does indeed :wink: