Tribes is coming back! \o/ (not Tribes:Universe)

One of the best FPS/multiplayer games ever is coming back! I have long missed that game. Vehicles, rocket packs, teamwork, “skiing”, mid-air spinfusor battles, mortar attacks…good times.

It seems Tribes:Ascend is due for release sometime this year (which generally means December if they don’t push it back).

Sadly the video at the link does not show gameplay. I certainly hope they retain the core gameplay that made Tribes such a blast (I am concerned, as is the article, that they are making it for X-Box too…chances to diminish the game doing that is worrisome).

Anyway Tribes fans rejoice (I know some of you are out there)!


It’s a multiplat game so I have no confidence in it. Tribes/Quake/UT style games with lots of movement and shooting in every direction simply massively fail with console controls, which means if you’re intending to release it on xbox it’s going to have to be a dumbed down, flat, slow paced game.