Trick or Treat!

Cute: Itty bitty Spiderman, Batman, Pumpkin girl, Ballerina.
It has been warm and humid here, so no cold chilluns.
I gave out quite a bit of candy from five bags: Hersheys, Reese’s cups, Tootsie Rolls, Butterfingers, Dots, Baby Ruth, Nestle Crunch, Junior mints.

When I filled the bowl, I pulled out all the dark chocolate for SWMBO and me. No sense wasting it on kids. :smiley:

I then put on my Incarnation of Death costume, hung up my skeleton vampire bat, turned on the strobe lights and was ready for business.

Got two kids to scream loud enough that SWMBO could hear them over the TV set. It was a good night’s work.


We had quite a few kids coming in twos and threes. A couple of times there were crowds of kids (like 20 or more) coming at the same time. We were out of candy by 9. There was only one person dressed as the Joker, and the costume was very well put together. Oh, and we had this one little girl, maybe 11 or 12; her costume was a thin white bedsheet with holes cut out for the eyes and nose. I felt like running and getting a rock and giving it to her. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m really glad to know that my husband and I aren’t the only ones who take wicked delight in actually scaring kids for Halloween. Not to be a wuss but we do try to take it easy on the really little ones. After all, it’s supposed to be fun, right?

My office is located in the main business district, and the City “encourages” parents to only hit these streets. We put a big plastic bowl at the front desk and “encouraged” every employee to bring some candy. We ended up with Milky Ways, Snickers, lollipops, Starburst, 3 Musketers and Peanut Butter cups.

I too am shocked at the slutty costumes on young girls. My part time assistant came in dressed like a 50’s “Dream Girls” character in pink, and my boss’s two Yorkies were ladybugs.

Grand total of kids: 2.

They were little ones, though, and really cute (a brown bear and a black and white animal that I couldn’t determine). They each got a big fistful of mini chocolate bars.

We usually get a heck of a lot of kids, and get through a couple of huge bowls of candy. But yesterday was rainy, though it cleared up for trick-or-treating, and the turnout was disappointing, about half what we expected. We have a lot of candy left over. My favorite was the toddler girl dressed as a chicken!

I did in fact see more ‘slutty’ costumes on younger girls this year. Most of them were young teenagers–in fact there were a lot of teens out (and about 40% of the teen girls were not wearing slutty outfits)–but there were some tweens too. One unfortunate girl was about 10, quite pudgy, and wearing a tiny French maid outfit. It was not good. And I saw one girl about 2 years old wearing a devil outfit that for some reason was cut reeeally high in front, which was just odd.