Trick or Treat!

So…how much candy did you give out? What did you hand out? What was your cutest kid? I’d say how many kids, but I lost track, myself! I’d say at least 50.

I gave out two BIG bowls of mini-Snickers, mini-Hershey bars, and Twizzlers.
My cutest was either the teeeeeny little fairy, or else the teeeeeeny little skeleton.
My most touching was the two developmentally disabled young-teen girls that came together while the adult accompanying them watched from the street. They were VERY sweet girls, and complimented my glow-stick bracelets, so I gave them each one.
One poor girl dressed as a cat (in a leotard) was shivering, poor thing! It’s about 70F out there, but the wind is BRISK.

I was the “full size candy bar” house this year, just because I’ve always wanted to do that, and I ran across some “halloween packs” of full size candy on sale (Hershey/Kit Kat/Reese’s variety pack, and M & Ms plain/peanut/peanut butter/almond variety packs). I gave away 24 bars so far, to 23 kids and a dad*. (And one bar to myself.)

The cutest was a little boy (maybe 2 years old) in a bear costume.

Oh, and the 2 little kids (in completely different groups) who looked up at me and said “You’re a kitty!”

*Could have been an older brother, hard to tell with the amount of makeup he had on. He had 4 little kids with him, and was Death, so he got a Reese’s, even though he didn’t have a candy bag.

It’s 6:28 p.m. and I’m still waiting for the first kid. :frowning: I have two ghouls, a head of a ghoul, a spooky lantern and my pumpkin lit.

Where are the wee ones?

Our first house ever… first trick or treaters ever.

1 giant mixing bowl of candy is now tree forlorn peppermint patties.

While I approve of Hallowe’en as an excuse to dress like sluts, I must say I was a bit taken aback by all the 13-year-old girls wandering around our neighborhood dressed like whores.

Gave out 4 bags of mini peanut butter & chocolate candy bars of various types (I’m allergic to peanuts, so I can’t pig out on my own stuff :smiley: ). Felt bad, though…gave out 2 to each of the early bell-ringers, but only 1 to the later ones as my bowl neared empty. :frowning: Only 4 Snickers bars left over; maybe next year I’ll go with 6 bags so everyone can get 2 each.:slight_smile: OTOH, I always wanted to be “that guy who gave out full sized bars”; maybe I’ll give that a go…

By the way, I bought my candy just yesterday, at half price. Something to keep in mind next year, too…

It’s almost 9:00 PM in Texas and, although this would’ve been are best bet yet (house location-wise – but I guess since most folks on this street don’t turn on their porch lights, it ultimately didn’t matter), we only got three kids. :frowning: The cutest was also the smallest… he was a sheriff who had one of those stuffed horses that comes with suspenders. But the Dracula was pretty good too, as was the undead princess.

As far as what we gave out, I had some bubble gum, carmels, Blow Pops, miniature Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Baby Ruths, Nerds and Skittles. Plus glow-in-the-dark fangs and orange and black spider rings. I sooooooooooooooo wish there had been more.

Never the less, next year I’m having a backyard haunt so I’m confident my turn out will improve. Now I’ll just need to get busy planning it. :wink:

Almost 10pm here, and so far I’ve had a grand total of three kids here…and one was a teenager with his younger brother (although they were wearing matching skeleton costumes, complete with skull makeup).

This is my first Halloween at the new place, so I had no idea how much candy to get. Of course I erred on the side of caution, so now I’ve got more candy than I should eat the rest of the year.

I took 8YO mudgirl out Trick-Or-Treating, while I left 21YO ThreadPirateRoberts here to hand out candy.

But about halfway through, she tracked us down to say we were almost out of candy. I had bought a large bag each of: mini Snickers, mini Raisinets bags, and mini Tootsie Rolls.

I gave her money to go down and buy another bag of Snickers and Tootsie Rolls.

Since I was out taking my youngest around, I don’t know who the ‘cutest’ was.

I do know that mudgirl was the ‘most orighinal’ in her elementary school parade. She was a Red-Kneed-Tarantula.

The princess and I did the rounds as hubby stayed home dressed in full Reaper attire to pass out candy. Passed lots of kids one street over, but our own street was pretty slow. The Reaper reported scaring a few kids and their parents, but our bowl of Jujyfruits, Whoppers, and Tootsie Pops is only half gone. :frowning:

I’m a little choked at how many people in my neighbourhood have the lights out. This would be a great place for trick-or-treaters–it’s a mobile home park, so the newer units are set quite close together, there’s almost no traffic except when someone leaves or comes home, and even when they do, the speed limit’s 15 km/hr, it’s all self-contained and an easy walk to cover the whole park.

My ghouls are lonely, and since I haven’t had dinner, I’ve just started eating the candy…

87 kids came to the door tonight. A big increase from last year, we even had kids showing after 8:30 which in previous years signalled the end of the night.

A lot of kids under the age of 2 were coming around tonight which always makes it more fun. Plus the amazing weather tonight helped; I can’t believe it snowed on Wednesday and today was t-shirt weather.

I’ve got a happy update! Right after I posted, I had a group of families together for about a total of 10 kids. No exceptional costumes among that bunch, but they were all very sweet and polite. Then I had a brother and sister who I was thrilled to pretty much inundate with what I had left. So after my drought of a lifetime since I’ve been an adult handing out candy, this has turned into a success. Yeah new house!!

Oh and I did scare the last ones with my Frank the Rabbit mask. Life is good!

None. I live in the boonies, there are no kids on my block, my driveway is long, dark and steep.

It’s already over for you guy’s on the East Coast huh?

I still have 2 hours until it’s even dark out.

Now, if I can just figure out what to be for tonight’s stroll through Waikiki…

I’m in one of those endless residential neighborhoods that kids get trucked into from all over.
I think my highest total ever was just over 400, but after 911 participation dropped way down. :confused:

This year I fulfilled my goal to buy all my candy on sale and using coupons, so I know exactly how much we had. 14 regular sized bags of chocolate type stuff, and 3 jumbo bags of lifesavers mixed candy. We’ve got enough left over to stuff a gallon sized ziploc bag, I was a little disappointed. 150 kids, give or take a dozen.

I have neighbors that suck, however, and am across from a park and school. I think the kids looked down my street and saw a lot of darkened porch lights and decided it just wasn’t worth doing this block.

We’re in a rural area and we have a really long driveway. We’ve had more airplanes crash into our backyard than we’ve had trick-or-treaters. :confused:

Doesn’t stop me from buying candy, though. You know, just in case. munch munch

We had 60 or so kids. I live in a very populated neighborhood, but I am the only house facing the main street. This year we put up more decorations than normal and it seemed to work.

For the bucket o’ treats I mixed a bag of KitKats, Twix, Crunch, Reeses, Hersheys, Rolos, Smarties, Skittles, and a monster bag of SweetTarts/ Laffy Taffy/ Runts /Nerds. I tried to give a piece of chocolate, a Smartie (or two), and a tarty candy each.

We started with a grocery bag almost full, and after replenishing the Halloween bucket I now have may 50 pieces of candy left.

The cutest? The 3 year old Dorothy who pretty much trampled over her 5 and 7 year old brothers to get to my door. The boys turned to their father - “DAA-AD! That’s not fair! She keeps doing that!”. So I gave the boys a few extra pieces.

The most humorous? For the most part my house is cutesy decorated, but for the motion activated skull wind chime. It emits an eerie light, shakes, and makes bone rattling sounds. Three teen boys (friends of TheKid) strolled up the stairs with that wannabe blase schtick. One of them triggered the wind chime. All three jumped down the stairs, one had eyes as big as saucers. Heh. I received a text from TheKid 15 minutes later, very amused.

Two witches got snagged by my rosebush, which appears to be a sort or reincarnation of Matthew Hopkins. Then neighbors down the street started setting off fireworks and as I made a beer run I heard a whistling noise and thought “Incoming!” Nothing hit but I was a bit unnerved. Then on the way home what I took to be a gang of crazed drunken thugs appeared and I thought they were coming after me, but apparently they were just on their way to another party.

Yeah…happy Halloween!

The street behind us is THE street. Almost every house is decorated, dry ice, ghouls, stiltwalkers, gravestones, - the whole nine yards. Attacklass was a vampire, while Attacklad was an army man. Ms. Attack and I didn’t dress up, although I wore devil horns at work.

Cutest was probably the first one, who was stuck in a bear suit, could barely walk, and don’t know what to do with the candy when he got it. His sister the bumblebee helped him out.

Last year we had 18 kids. So I thought, what the hell, I’ll buy full size bars. So I went to Target and bought two of the full size packs. $9.99 each. One with sugary type candies, one with chocolate types. 47 full size candies in all. I could handle all the kids, and still munch on sweets all day Saturday! Or so I thought. For the first time in my ten years in this house, we had fifty kids come by. Luckily we had some tootsie rolls and saltwater taffy for the half dozen kids that didn’t get full sized (some kids took more than one without even flinching!)

It appears that word has gotten out in the neighborhood that it’s worth it to come to my end of the block. So now I’m stuck buying full size candy bars for at least 10 more years.