Triggered Liberal Meme origin?

The image of this enraged activist:

What’s the story?

I’m not up on her particular deal. Just the usual photo at just the right time. There’s several others that do have a story, but if she has one, I don’t know what it is.

This one is from Inauguration Day when people were yelling at the sky. I’m assuming this is not the same person, they just seem similar looking enough that it wouldn’t be entirely coincidental at least two have made the rounds.

@the OP: The “triggered feminist” was simply a random person in an anti-Trump rally, and somehow a particular freeze frame of her at one moment over 3 minutes into the video was snapshotted and went viral. Not anyone notable or remarkable, but somehow chosen to go viral.

The video, unfortunately, has been taken down from YouTube.


Since this question, such as it is, is factual, and since it does not relate to the arts, I’m moving it to GQ.

We don’t know if she was enraged and/or an activist. It is easy enough to video someone, pause at any second and attribute all kinds of emotions to whatever shape the mouth takes at that particular instance.

Truly. Back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, UPI and AP were still things, and cities had more than one newspaper, I noticed there would be a headline like President [name] declares [something]. Both papers would have pretty much the same story with a picture of the Prez speaking, only one had him looking statesman like and the other a doofus. I imagined the wire services including two photos, A and B, and the paper would pick the one that matched their position.

More likely, the papers already had photos of the President lying around, that they could attach to any story about him. The picture didn’t necessarily come from the same speech that the story was about.

One of my old professors often got into the local newspaper on slow news days, and they’d always run the exact same photo of him next to the story. He was inclined to send them an updated one, since it was a decade out of date, but on the other hand… it was a decade out of date, and he’d aged ten years, but the photo hadn’t.

That means two things.

I’ve seen this young woman turn up as the star of multiple Clueless Millennial memes.

Aside from wearing a silly hat and looking self-satisfied, I have no idea what her story is.

After a little research, here is the source video:

Apparently throwing a pretty good tantrum over Trump getting elected.

With a camera on her, two months after the election, to document her sincere surprise and horror. People are weird.

Thank you for finding that. Made my day.

I agree her reaction is a bit over the top, and I think would be hard to fault even a kind man for rolling his eyes at her expression of despair. But I’m curious why it “made your day”. I mean, everyone enjoys a good chuckle, sure, but you are not alone in expressing a cold love for such shows of despair. I’ve tried to imagine how I’d respond to such an image if the tables were turned and maybe some sweet-tea drinking Alabama bible-thumping lady were in crippling despair upon witnessing the inauguration of a staunchly secular social liberal president. I can’t say as I’d feel anything akin to schadenfreude as much as concern for my personal safety, and that of others who might get in her way should she decide to take up arms for her cause. Not because I’d fear her as a great warrior, but because she’s clearly unstable enough to do something needlessly harmful. Where you coming from?

Sorry if this is a distracting hijack, but OP appears asked and answered and I’m genuinely interested in this common phenomenon. I’m unwilling to mark it up to “Some people are mean and stomp kittens on Saturdays for the lulz.”

Thanks (I think).

I got a good, hearty laugh out of it. Good, hearty laughs are pleasant, and I don’t generally experience them often enough.

TBH, I doubt that there is much genuine or sincere about that woman’s outcry. She comes across as an actress playing a part at a pre-appointed time for the cameras.

ETA: I believe some people experienced genuine distress at HRC losing the election, but I don’t think this anguished cry at the exact moment Trump takes the oath of office is anything but pre-planned.

Yeah. When I’m hateful you’ll know it. I become completely word bound and stupid. It’s really sad, actually. You’d be hospitalized with an acute case of jocularity. :smiley:

Agreed, as noted upthread. But what exactly about it tickles you so? Maybe that’s not a fair question–I can’t explain why I think Robin Williams is funny, maybe humor transcends awareness? The heart loves what the heart loves? Are you perhaps laughing at a poor theatrical performance, whereas you might feel differently if you knew she was aware of an imminent and certain misfortune?

I had not really put too much thought into WHY I found it funny prior to this post. I suppose it’s at least partly because I think her concerns seem so overwrought. People pitching fits over trivialities are often rather humorous, whether its a kid throwing a tantrum because his parents got him the wrong Xbox, or a college kid getting emotional because someone disagreed with their politics / cultural appropriation, or someone who thinks the whole world is doomed because of a Presidential election. Certainly if there were someone letting out the exact same anguished cry over some immediate and personal real harm (death of a significant other, house burning down, I don’t know, something like that), I wouldn’t find any humor in it. But over losing an election? I feel like, “c’mon, get a grip”.

That’s probably insufficiently-sensitive on my part. Perhaps her own real hopes and dreams were crushed. Maybe she wanted to be the first transgendered Navy SEAL and now she can’t, or her life’s calling as the Harriet Tubman of the southern border will now be disrupted, or something like that, but I think it’s a good bit more likely that she’s just a run-of-the-mill liberal activist playing her part of political theater with some hysterics.

Fair enough. Thanks.

You’re not being insufficiently-sensitive, you’re being intentionally oblivious.

We’re not mad that we lost. We’re mad that Trump won. Had Jeb Bush won in 2016 there wouldn’t be this outcry. I’ve voted in endless elections, some my side won and some my side lost. I never felt the way I did when Trump won.

We keep telling you guys this, you refuse to listen. You just want to create a narrative where we’re all liberal snowflakes upset about nothing.

Trump is dangerously incompetent. He doesn’t value or respect democracy. He works for our enemies. He is extremely corrupt and criminal. He appeals to the absolute worst in people with his racism, sexism and nativism. He is ushering in an age of hatred for democracy with his hatred of the free press, hatred of independent law enforcement, hatred of an independent judiciary, hatred of peaceful protests (like the NFL protests). He has lowered the bar drastically and now a lot of us expect that we will have to fight very hard to defend our democracy just like the people in Turkey, Poland, Hungary, etc. are having to do.

The fact that 63 million people are OK with that really made a lot of us question the intelligence, morality and responsibility of our fellow citizens.

It isn’t because we lost. I’ve lost before, its not the end of the world. Its because Trumpism won.

You may not understand the difference, but I’m prone to believing you just choose not to see it so you can pretend we’re all liberal snowflakes who get triggered easily.

Again, had Jeb Bush or John Kasich, or Mitt Romney won, you wouldn’t see this kind of uproar from people.

If Hugo Chavez (a leftist who was grossly incompetent and hated democracy) had won 66 million votes in America for the democratic party, maybe you’d understand why we are so upset.

Luckily our democracy will most likely be fine, because we have a wide range of checks and balances. But the bar has been lowered for a generation. My kids generation will never know an age where blatant racism is considered wrong.

OK, I think we’ve now officially exhausted the factual content of this question.