Trivia on IRC channels

Does anybody here play? The #trivia channel I like best is on EFnet. It runs persistent scores, gives you jackpots for runs, and is generally good fun if you want to kill some time.

I used to. I even wrote a bot to play it. As in, actually play, not just host the game. It was pretty simple-minded, though: The channel I was in, the rules were that the first right answer won, and wrong guesses weren’t counted against you, so the bot just looked for yes-no questions, multiple choice, and others that fit a similar template where repeated guesses would bear fruit, and then would just blast out all the possible answers.

Heh. It’d get noticed though wouldn’t it? I used to play quite a bit a couple of years ago, and then dropped off completely. I ended up stumbling into a channel yesterday, and it struck me that this was the sort of thing a lot of people on the dope would be doing. Apparently not.

Not since around 1998. Those were fun back in the day.

Yeah the golden age of IRC has passed a little hasn’t it? I discovered I still enjoy it a fair amount though.

I’m another ‘used to’. I think I still have an IRC client on my home machine, but I haven’t felt any motivation to use it for a few years. I LOVE trivia, though.

I never tried to evade notice. It was prompted by the observation that a lot of humans were behaving much the same way (like, if the question started with “what color”, three or four people would make it all the way through “red” “orange” “yellow” “green” before even finishing reading the question), and I figured, if we’ve got humans acting like bots, we might as well just have bots and be done with it. I ran the bot under the screenname “Chronotron”, and it got listed separately from me in the scores.

I never played trivia on IRC but did play chat trivia. I liked Yahoo’s the best. It was informal-- whoever won the round asked the next question.

I play at #Trivia on

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