Pitting IRC chat bots.

Faaaaaaar too many 40s, 50s, and 60s chart toppers type questions! Don’t they know the average age of the chat room user is something like 18? I’m 25 and I am uttelry clueless about music before, say, 1985.
Get those damn questions deleted from the question list!

So, how about them Beach Boys?

Adding to the pitting - the traps people set for chat-room fogeys stroke newbies like me.

I was a veteran more than 5 years ago. Now things have changes so much.
Out of the many many rooms whose descriptions make the remotest sense that I enter, today I finally found ONE where people were talking. I was just getting into my stride when someone asked me to reccomend a game room (one where a bot asks trivia questions and awards points to the word-perfect first answer) so I did. BANG! banned from the chat room. Turns out the mere mention of another chat room is an automatic banning. So I learned that the hard way.

P.S. Title of thread should be “Pitting IRC Game chat bots”

People still use IRC?

What else is there for chat rooms of multiple people?

It’s called City of Heroes, Lobsang. Get with the program. :smiley: