Any good chat rooms with quiz-bots in them?

I have recently downloaded MIRC and have become adicted to the one room in the list of chat rooms in the current config that contains a quiz-bot.
Can anyone reccomend some good servers that I can access with MIRC that contain lots of quiz-bot rooms

OR - reccomend a quiz-bot room and tell me how to get to it (what server it’s on etc…)

OR - reccomend a general chat room without a bot.
I have a feeling it doesn’t matter which server I am on, or that I don’t understand how the whole thing works.


I’m a reformed MIRC junkie (I’ve since moved on to online RPGs and started an entirely new addiction but that’s another story) and used to know lots of interesting places to hang out but the only chatroom that I can think of that still has a game-bot is #chaos, on the Undernet Server (get on an Undernet server, type /join #chaos). It’s a timed trivia type game, fun for quick thinkers and fast typers. I just checked and it’s still up and running.

Different servers will have different games and if you don’t want to read through the entire list of channel names, one thing you may want to try is searching for bots by typing /whois *bot in your status screen.

I’m sure there are some MIRC users out there who can offer an easier way of finding what you’re looking for but perhaps this will give you a good start. Hope it’s some help for you.

#sd-trivia on Undernet is where us Dopers get our trivia fix.

-Smeghead, currently ranked #1