Trivial Simpsons Attribution Question

Y’know the episode where Bart sells his soul to Milhous?

Of course you do. For some reason, it’s been running about once every two weeks in syndication. It’s like a needle got stuck somewhere.

Okay, just before the second commercial break, the family is eating dinner at Moe’s new family restaurant, and Lisa is taunting Bart about his lost soul, and Bart runs out and down the street, and Homer decides to finish Bart’s dish of Moeballs.

Camera is on the exterior of the restaurant, Bart’s running away, and Homer’s voice (mushy with Moeballs) is saying

**"Run, boy! Run! Run for your life!


Okay, what’s that a “homage” to? It’s funny as hell in context, and I have no idea where it’s stolen from.

I know what you’re talking about, and I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. At home, I have the Complete Guide to the Simpsons. It has references to which movies things were taken from, and the like. I’ll see if there’s anything that it says about that scene, and post it for ya as soon as possible.

Dunno, Uke. Have you tried perusing this page? It has the entire dialog of the show and a whole shitpotfull of other poop.

Thanks for the unk, Link…er, for the link, Unc! Amazing how MUCH spare time some people have, isn’t it? The dialogue as reproduced there is missing the all important “…boy!”

This is a bit of a reach, but is it a ref to the PHANTASM horror movie series? The Angus Scrimm, or “Tall Man” character was always intoning “…boy!” in sepulchral tones.

That’s pretty damn esoteric, even for The Simpsons.

Thank you, too, SD. Hope the research bears fruit.

      • How did Ned’s wife die, and what really happened? Last week they had an episode where Ned and Homer build a Christian theme park in honor of Ned’s deceased wife. Did the actress playing the wife leave the show, or was this just a one-episode story? (seems kinda heavy for that) - MC

She fell of the top bleacher at a car race after being hit by a few free t-shirts aimed at homer. I believe the actress wanted more money so they just killed her off.