Trolls R Us Resurrections

I don’t see that thread, I can’t find it by searching, so I guess it was cornfielded.

I just checked and it’s all gone. I have no confirmation that it was FJ, but skin lightener is one of their pet topics.


It was a thread about someone with vitiligo in Germany who can’t get skin-lightening products there (to even out the tone) so they sent for a tube of medicine from India, which made them feel icky, and wanted us to tell them why. I replied slightly tartly about what a bad idea that was for a condition that is almost entirely cosmetic. Sorry I got sucked in.

As someone with vitiligo, I’d like to point out that beyond the cosmetic factor, for someone like me who likes to be outdoors on the water or on the beach in the Caribbean, the risk of burning and predisposition to skin cancers is huge. I really miss my melanin. I had my knees tattooed (my most painful ink) skin tone just to protect them during kayaking.

But yeah, that was femmejean.

Thank you for educating me about the additional hardships of this condition. And I didn’t (and don’t) intend to downplay the impact of even the cosmetic part. I know what it’s like to stand out due to a skin condition.

Whatja think about this one? This nice girl logs in literally once every couple years to post something provocative in topics about/related to sex.

Bonus: 66% chance she creates a zombiethread.


What makes you think that’s a female?

I get a premature-ejaculating incel dude vibe from those posts.

Eh, even in the case of a troll, it’s easier for my brain to just assume internetpeople are whatever gender they say they are. It’s a forum, not a dating site.


That’s fair.

Suddenly Icantdance is on my radar. The latest responses in “Do you comprehend infinity/nothingness” in IMHO (a thread s/he started) and “Distributed sentience” in GQ being of note.

I’m torn between assessing Icantdance as a trock or a newly arrived ignoramus. His/her tendency toward hostility in both those threads suggests “trock”. But “ignoramus” remains an open possibility.

Sorry for not agreeing that you understand infinity and nothingness better than 6 billion other people.

Go fuck yourself.

Feel free to explain infinity and nothingness to the bbq pit.

Looking at when I happend to first see your “reply” icon in this thread, you apparently discovered my comment here within about 12 minutes of my posting it, despite the fact that there was no “@” reference nor any direct link to the threads in question. Interesting. For a newcomer, you really seem to know your way around this board. And you also seem to have a preconceived expectation of being celebrated in the Trolls thread. Cheers!

Are you aware of the “latest” option?


Ok boomer. People can see the latest posts.

Sock removed, I’ll clean his crap up tomorrow.

Sure they can see the latest posts. But there’s nothing there to indicate that it’s about them. Unless, of course, one is a trock eagerly examining . Cheers!

Infinity - the number of creatures smarter than icantdance
Nothingness - the value contained within icantdance’s posts.

Damn, and I was going to simply reply with 3,2,1, which I probably wouldn’t have gotten off a second before @What_Exit’s excellent work.

Woe is me.

You are a marvel! Thanks so much. :slight_smile: