Trolls R Us Resurrections

What did dolphinwriter get banned for? I was only reading at stolen elections thread. Seemed like garden variety gish galloping but nothing we don’t see from long time posters.

He had already been warned for ignoring mod instructions and offensive behavior in the the ‘Delay of Prosecution’ thread - getting two warnings out of it (one for each) and a thread ban. Combined with his less than a month activity and combative attitude, it is no surprise.

His actions and familiarity of the board suggests possible Sock as well, but could be garden variety Troll as well.

Nevermind. (Answered wrong question.)

IIRC, they also functionally asserted that they weren’t interested in debate in their GD thread.

If dolfinwriter wasn’t trolling, they were mentally disturbed. I kind of felt bad for the pile-on because I think they were not right in the head. I’m not saying that as an insult either, I’m being sincere.

I almost posted something in that P&E thread but I was worried it wouldn’t be received well by anyone there, mods included.

S/he was claiming to not be a Trump supporter and yet kept JAQing off about the Big Lie assertations and pulling the bothsidesism card. I figured they were either not quite right in the head or just a regular Republican talking out both sides of their ass again.

Is there a difference?

Reading that thread I was under the impression, more than once, that we might have had a real died in the wool Q believer. Or someone doing a really good impression of one.

See? Sheep are dangerous.

Yeah, I’m very slightly uncomfortable with the quick ban on that one. I got a slightly more deeply deluded Trumper than troll vibe from it (though nothing saying it couldn’t be both). And if it wants to witness in GD about the deep Democratic conspiracy cabal I don’t really have an issue with that. It’s one of the things GD is for. Mostly I found the whole thing dreadfully sad - troll or not this is where extreme polarization and the social media echo chamber has led us. And assuming it wasn’t a “pure” troll I’m sure they would have agreed, just from the opposite end :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

But, oh well. I also don’t even care enough to IM a moderator for a reason, because whatever. Can’t take in every sad stray with mental issues. And at the end of the day they could have just been another chain puller.

Doesn’t that pretty much define every Doper?

My favorite memory of the poster was their link to a news story about Bill Barr claiming that there was nothing in the Mueller report as a cite that there was nothing in the Mueller report!

You must’ve missed where they proffered Mike Lindell’s cyber symposium as evidence for anything other than the pillow huckster being delusional.

:expressionless: Yeah I can’t even blame that on a typo. I just wasn’t thinking.

Dyed in the wool

I don’t much care, either, but what I will say is that there was no hope of that poster ever becoming a useful poster in the sense of being in any way rational or fact-based or even coherent, and was therefore not the sort of contrarian with whom one could engage in good-faith debate. He was just an outright loon whose basic theme towards the end was “I’m not going to waste my time debating idiots” and “you libtards will all find out The Truth before long”. I’m not privy to why he was banned but the combination of delusion, intransigence, and hostility made it pretty clear he had no productive future here.

This is actually a very common tactic on Fox News. When even Fox can’t distort the facts enough to be favourable to their Republican masters, their usual strategy is to report what some Republican lunatic is saying about the particular news item, which is invariably a horribly distorted spin on the actual facts. But hey, Fox News is accurately reporting what the lunatic said. The actual facts are left unsaid, and then further distorted in the many “opinion” venues that dominate the network…

Labeled as a sock, though, right? So trolling or not trolling isn’t an important banning distinction.

No, there were a couple of recent bannings. One was a sock, but the one in question here (the dolphin one apparently representing Qanon) just says “banned”. But as I said, I don’t really care about the reason as I think it was justified. In no way do I think anyone should be banned just for having strong opinions that most of us disagree with, unless they’re blatantly racist or hateful, but that poster was completely unhinged.

I’m likely in error, then. They’ve been thick on the ground of late.

My instinct when they first appeared (as I posted here) was that they were a sock based on the way they hit the ground running.

I’m not sure if that was correct but the signs were there.

Hey! I’m not sad!