Trolls R Us Resurrections

Aspenglow’s mod note is why I kept my damn mouth shut.

That’s us - demented and sad, but social.

Pretty sure the guy who’s really interested in tall women with shorter men is either a troll or a recurring annoyance. The vibe I’m getting from him just isn’t that wholesome.

Yeah, his persistent questions are a little offputting.

Also, I don’t trust anyone who uses “females” when talking about women - it’s somewhat creepy and I always hear it with a Ferengi accent (“HYOO-MON FEE-MALES”).

They’ve only been lurking without posting for 10 months, neither reading nor posting until just now. What’s suspicious about that? They couldn’t possibly be the next sock in the drawer for whoever just got banned.

Meh. He’s just BentOdd.

Just wait until he starts quoting the Rules of Acquisition.

Who is this guy? Post 73, “If there were a White Caucasion Heritage Month”, IMHO.

Profile says their name is Darla. I’m sure they just happened across that 6 year old thread and felt the need to discuss it. It fits so well with their claim of “not discussing politics online or in person”.

Darla! She exists to poke you.

Unlikely to have happened across that particular thread, since there are gazillions of other “why no white history month” articles with better Google rankings.

I don’t think there’s enough to warrant any hasty conclusions on Troll vs. legit new member. But I also wouldn’t reply to that zombiethread.


The new ones are always so enthusiastically argumentative, even when they have nothing to say (RoxLux, “Inclusive Language Guide” in IMHO).

I blame tribalism – the urge to prove yourself to your new tribe. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

RoxLux appears to be a genuine new member that found us through the columns. Please play nice and remember that Cecil wasn’t exactly the least argumentative columnist in print. I myself first thought, and Cecil in his parting note advertised this place as, a place for rational arguments on any subject.

Until demonstrated otherwise, I think not a troll.


Fair comment. I wasn’t suggesting “troll” at all, just enthusiastically argumentative. I quit arguing with him when I got the impression that the back-and-forth could go on all night, and that his most recent arguments weren’t particularly cogent. I really have no problem with this new join and my comment was somewhat tongue-in-cheek, though I was getting a little frustrated. :slight_smile:

Based on their assholish behaviour in the "is tribal racist?" poll thread, I’m leaning “troll”

I’m leaning “trock” after reading that.

Posting a deliberately divisive yet vague poll, harassing and mocking people for pointing this out, complaining about a non-existent “flame war”, wanting to provoke a “spirited debate” (in IMHO)… That thread has more red flags than a Chinese military parade.

It’s clearly whoever was the oldoaktree sock.

Or an incredibly accurate facsimile.

According to their profile, RoxLux was seen “just now” - we may have an answer soon.


According to their disappearance, my guess is that RoxLux will be dining on fresh corn tonight.

Wow, in addition to going down a rathole about the word “tribal” in the original “Inclusive Language Guide” thread, to the extent that could only be called obsessive, and was derailing the thread, RoxLux then proceeded to start a poll thread whose sole purpose appeared to be to prove that he was “right”, and thus to win teh interwebs. When that backfired horribly, he then started not one but TWO more polls on the exact same subject, both of which were immediately closed.

I’m gratified to see that this new poster, who we duly welcomed as instructed by the Discourse announcement, can now be bid a hearty adieu as our very newest bannee. It would be easier to deal with many of these interlopers in Hawaii where I understand “hello” and “goodbye” are the same word. I still don’t know for sure whether we had a sock, a troll, or just another new join who was not quite right in the head. But I’m sure he’s happier wherever he is now. Or at least, the rest of us are.