Yepits: I understand your frustration. Our experience with the AOL Message Boards (and it’s been about three years that we’ve been doing this) is that we go along all civilized and enjoyable, and then one or two clowns burst in and throw temper tantrums (or start racist threads, or do something else obnoxious that says “Look at me! I’m Important!”) … and people respond, and tempers flare. After a while, these jerks usually tire of the sport and do go away, and the Boards return to normal… it’s just a question of out-waiting them.

I felt like you did at one point, about a year ago, when the Board was overtaken by an anti-semitic pro-terrorist loon. I took a two week break, it was very refreshing, and came back. Ultimately, the guy’s account was jerked – most of the providers draw the line somewhere. Although he may simply have not paid his bill, who knows.

So my advice is to not bother to read the posts in threads that you know are gonna annoy you, and not bother to read the comments of people you know are gonna annoy you, and ride it out. Eventually, the infestation goes away… may take a few weeks, though.

C#3 asks: << can you explain your handle? >>
Yes, C#3, I can.

you’re probably right CDext - a good break is in order. I’m going on vacation soon anyway…maybe by the time I get back things will have mellowed out =)

Monty said,

-Your first comment was an incredibly stupid and irrelevant response to my stating I wish you’d do some research before you post.My comment was directed at you because you posted a falsehood about Judaism; a falsehood easily disproven. The issue of my thinking or not thinking has nothing to do with the veracity, or lack thereof, of your trolling.

The last comment of yours above is also a lie. Nobody begs for trolling. As a matter of fact, many people on this board have suggested you cease and desist from that juvenile and ill-mannered activity.-
Now I don’t know Monty, and I don’t say this to insult him. But, when you read that quote (not for content, but just the way it’s worded) try to imagine the voice of the comic book shop (or whatever it is) owner on the Simpsons saying it and you’ll laugh for sure.

“If you stick your finger in a pie, whatever is in the pie will be on your finger, and whatever is on your finger will be in the pie…unless you wear a rubber glove”----some demented old lady

[[I usually read Monty’s posts while visualizing him as Sargent Vince Carter of Gomer Pyle, USMC. }} C3
Well, you’re certainly a “Pyle” (of something, anyway).

The Straight Dope neither supports nor condones the construction of small thermonuclear letter bombs.

Nonetheless, Nickrz, although I decry violence in general, I’m not sure that a localized nuclear explosion (limited to, say, a four or five square foot area) would really be considered “violent” in the larger scheme…

And reduction to basic atomic components seems appropriate for some people…

I’m pretty new here and have been going back to some of the older threads to read stuff. So far I’ve seen several reasonable, intelligent, and thought-provoking posts made by Contestant#3. I have even seen a few made since I found this place.

So what happened? Most of what I’ve seen C#3 post since I’ve been here has been pure trollery - which I’m sure is amusing him no end (I swear I can hear him laughing out loud as he reads the responses).

He is obviously too intelligent to merely be the victim of a poor writing style. Maybe this is his new hobby? I sure do hate to see the constructive things he has to say disregarded and ignored because of this new tendency to incite abuse.

How about it Contestant#3? Turn over a new leaf and show everyone what a thoughtful and intelligent person you really are! Prove them wrong in their accusations of trollery! Surprise them with your ability to respond calmly, reasonably, and logically! Show everyone the person that’s REALLY hiding behind that troll mask!


Here’s one for the old-school:

“Can you spell d-i-s-t-r-o-t-i-o-n?”

I don’t know, Drain, can you?

Guy, it’s a holdover joke from the old AOL SDMB. There was a big-time anti-Semitic (among other things)troll there who showed up under different names, used fake identities to pretend he had support, etc. “Distrotion” was his typo, and we all used it to great effect from time to time.