Troopergate update: Board "clears" her


Honestly I think just putting this in the news cycle on election eve, even as a putatively clearing her of wrongdoing, hurts McCain’s turnout some.

Any idea how the two boards differed – personnel, appointings, structure, mandate, beholdenship…?

Is the ethics case back to Up in the Air or is one a political hack? Was it like the House/Senate: one panel suggests the other look into it?

I think there is reason to doubt the veracity of one, but I’d rather not say/hold to that opinion without a better understanding of where the panels came from.

Palin appoints the members of the Personnel Board. I would assume the Alaska state legislature is elected. Both hired (different) independent investigators.

I’m sure everyone will forgive me if I’m not very surprised that the board Palin herself appoints has cleared her of any wrongdoing.

The personnel board is indeed appointed by the governor. That said most were appointed by her predescessor, only one reappointed by her, and Alaska law allegedly protects them from dismissal without cause.