Trouble starting a thread, copied-> pasted text from Word

Here’s the link to a dead thread in the BBQ.

I cannot stay seated for long at my job, which means I can’t stay logged on. In order to write out a longish OP I had to type + save it onto Word in a couple different trips.

When I was done I copied and pasted it onto “this area” for the body of a thread. When I went to preview it wasn’t working. I thought it was odd but questioned if maybe preview only works for some length. So I just added a snippit at the end “preview isn’t working, sorry for errors, blah blah blah”.

Then I submitted it, well, only my title came up. I created the thread, but there was zero content in the body. I changed the title and now I’m here.

What gives? the only thing I can think of is that my default in Word is new times roman and when I copied and pasted I somehow made it uncomputable for the boards to read.

I fixed the coding. I had to guess in a couple of places, so let me know if I screwed it up.

Gfactor, General Questions Moderator

Awesome, looks great, could you change the title too? I posted it in the third thread.

Thanks for the help, in the future, do you know what I did to cause that?

Missing or non-matching end tags sometimes result in blank posts.

Ah, that’s right, I remember that. Should have suspected that was the cause of the blank preview. One new thing I did discover though was that it’s very hard to quote a closed thread when you want to bring it to the pit. That’s usually how I do multiple quotes in a thread, by just hitting reply then copy + pasting. Keep that in mind for yourself kids next time!

Thanks all who helped.