Trouble with Mac Catalina Upgrade

I have a MacBook Air, just under 2 years old, connected to a Canon MG3090 Pixma printer/scanner. After the Catalina update of a couple days ago, the printer works fine, but it will no longer scan. I tried re-installing the printer’s driver from an online source, but to no avail. What are my options?

Also, is there a one-stop location to re-install the generic features that come with Mac, like Grab? It’s oddly absent from their app store.

How did you scan documents before you upgraded? If you used a piece of software provided by Canon, it may be that it’s a 32-bit application, and 32-bit applications no longer run on Catalina. Depending on the age of the printer, Canon may or may not make a new version of the software available.

Also, the Grab app was replaced by the Screenshot app under Mojave (10.14).

Before anyone upgrades to macOS Catalina, they should check what 32-bit apps they have installed. This can be checked using the upper-left Apple menu>About This Mac>System Report>Applications.

Pull down the horizontal divider to see better then click the right-most column which is “64-bit (Intel)”. That sorts all installed apps by whether they are 32-bit or 64-bit.

Any app which says “32 bit” will not run on Catalina. Check whether an updated 64-bit version is available or whether you need the app anymore. If you need the app and no 64-bit version is available, either stay on Mojave or seek out an alternative app.

App app developers have been informed of this change for several years. In many cases even very small “one man companies” already have 64-bit versions available.

Besides apps, 32-bit codecs are not supported starting with Catalina. Video files encoded with these codecs can be converted to supported formats: About incompatible media in Final Cut Pro - Apple Support

Since that article was written, Apple has said Avid Avid DNxHD / DNxHR will be supported in Catalina.

Catalina is one of those rare, rare times that I’m performing a clean install (wipe the hard drive) install, probably since I got my first set of Intel iMacs. In addition to all the crud that accumulates, there are lots of older programs with helpers, plugins, etc., in addition to the main executable that have the potential to be 32-bit. It’s also a really good opportunity to part with utilities and crap that I’ve not used in a long time.

In terms of the printer, though, how old is it? It seems that “AirPrint” is nearly ubiquitous, meaning that the universal driver is already built into the OS, and this works with scanners, too. It’s amazing how many AirPrint printers I run into just walking around with my MacBook. You might be well-served to remove your devices, and try to add them and select “AirPrint” from the driver list.

Grab has been renamed to Screenshot.

Screenshot is solved, thanks. Hope I don’t need a scanner at work this week…

Image capture App, or the “Printers and Scanners” System prefs. panel may still work.

Printers and Scanners” System prefs. panel is what I usually operate the scanner from, and it’s not working. I found Canon’s FB site and left a message.

Keep us updated! I have a Pixma, and when I first got it I had so much trouble using Canon’s software to scan that I gave up and switched to Image Capture.