Trouble with Search

Howdy. So I was looking for a thread (Manda JO’s ‘healthy rules for relationships’ thread from MPSIMS, definitely less than a week old, if anyone would care to save me here) because I wanted to link to it in another thread. Searched for it. Didn’t find it. Changed search terms. Didn’t find it. Changed search terms. Didn’t find it. Finally I picked one word that I knew had been in the title (‘healthy’), searched all open forums (searching in title only) for the last 2 weeks (up until this point I had been searching one forum only, last week only, to try to keep the server strain low)… still didn’t find it.

‘Hmm,’ I think, ‘I wonder if there’s something weird going on here.’ So I look at the thread I had just been reading, pick a word from the title of that thread (‘diplomacy’), do a search on that word in thread titles from that forum (MPSIMS) in the last week.

Nothing. Now, I know this thread exists, and I know this word is in the title – I’m looking at the thing. But it doesn’t show up when I search for it.

Anyone else had this problem? Is this still the database-being-built thing?

Thanks in advance for any help or advice or commiseration about this intensely frustrating experience (actually it was kind of a relief once I figured out that it wasn’t just me being unable to find this one thread. Although I still haven’t found it. I’m going through the MPSIMS thread list one by one now. I will not be denied!).

Did you find it yet White Lightening?:slight_smile:

Oh, geez. Now I need an egg-on-the-face smilie.

So ‘healthy’ wasn’t in the title. I still searched rules, rule, rule*, and relationships, relationship, relationship*.

Hey, donkeyoatey, thank you kindly. I knew someone would be along to help me in my misery sooner or later. I appreciate it.

White Lightning - I picked a thread on page 2 of MPSIMS, that had been started a few days ago, and searched for a keyword in the title. The thread was found. (It was something about baseball.)
I believe that very recent threads may not be indexed yet, and so a search might fail to reveal those. I would have to confirm though that there is indeed a lag time for index creation.
Did you find an example of an old thread (more than a day old) that was not found through a search? (Example would need to include a link to the thread, and the search parameters entered.)

Never mind. Various other issues at work here. Thanks for helping me find the thread, donkeyoatey. Sorry to bother, Arnold Winkelried.

You’re welcome, White Lightning. Btw, I put “relationships” in the keyword box, “Manda Jo” in the username box and it was the first one found.