Trout needs a shave!

Alas! My trusty Braun shaver died yesterday. So I need to get me a new electric shaver. The question now is: what kind?

I’ve been a Braun user since college, and on the whole I got good shaves out of them. Periodically they irritate my neck, though, especially my most recent one, which is why I am considering changing to some other brand. I hear good things about the Norelco Quadra. Can anybody confirm or deny? Are the new Brauns that much better than everything else?

I hereby request your input.

(And as to the just-get-a-Mach3 camp: I generally shave before I go to swim practice–at 6:30 AM. I am scarcely able to speak in full sentences before full-body cold-water immersion. Apply a sharp metal thingie to my face? Forget it.)

I read that as Trout needs a slave and jumped in. BAH got to fix my glasses!