Troy Bilt riding lawn mower won't go

I’m mowing my lawn when the clutch pedal of my troy bilt lawn tractor develops free play and the thing stops. Looing underneath I see a treaded metal rod hanging loose. It has treads at the far end and threaded on the rod is connector that screws on as well as a nut to lock it inplace. Looking further, I find a likely place of attacment, a bolt that extends up from a moveable plate. This bolt, by feel, has a rubber washer on it, so it is likely that it attaced to something. I try to wedge the circular opening on the bolt, but cannot get it to really lock in place, although for a few seconds the clutch pedal works properly. Can anyone advise me on the how to fix this. I am uncertain as to whether the connector has just come loose, or has broken.

Have a look hereto see if they have your model listed.

ALso, you can try the manufacturer. AFAIK, Troy-Bilt is an MTD brand, so you may be in luck here.

Likely whatever the rod was threaded to has come loose and the bolt or whatever it was has fallen into the grass; i.e. you’re probably missing a part. Take it to a lawn mower repair shop, or search the part list at the Troy Built site for the model of your mower and see if you can figure out what parts are missing.

I am not sure if the above link carries my model or not. As taken off the mower the model number is: 13AT609G76637747. Can anyone decipher which of those numbers acts as an acting model number.

since 1997 the model numbers are generally 11 characters and lawn tractor starts with 13