Truck bed liner question...

I have seen the durability of these spray-on truck bed liners. They seem to resist all weather and take impacts with little damage.

What I want to do is spray my entire truck! I want the whole body covered in it. I have an old 93 Dodge Dakota sport that has seen some rough times but has a straight body and runs better than some newer trucks I’ve seen. I don’t care if my while truck is black and textured. I think that would be cool.

I’ve searched extensively and found no info on this other than what can be done inside the bed of a truck.

Personally I’m surprised I haven’t already seen some driving around. I think it’s a good idea.

Are there any Dopers out there who know if this has been or can be done or if there are any unforeseeable side effects of doing the whole truck?
Thanks for any help.

Hey man! Actually I have seen someone with what looked like a full Rhino-lining on his entire truck (Chevy Silverado) and it looked kinda cool. He had all the chrome decals and what not taken off and put back on it after the procedure was done. It looked like. But I didn’t talk to him, I only saw him running around town. This was a year ago when I was living in Flagstaff Arizona.

I also seem to remember, and this is a little trippy, but I thought it was illegal to do this with the spray on lining, because it absorbs radar and laser for a little while. this of course “could” aid in getting out of a couple tickets…But the validity for this last statement is unknown to me. So good luck and happy trails…

Well, I can’t imagine why it couldn’t be done. Call up Autogaurd or whomever does it in your area and get a quote. You’ll probably have to get it through their heads that you’re serious.

BTW - You’re suprised you haven’t seen any other trucks done like that yet? Yech. It’d be unique. :slight_smile:

1: Incredible ugliness. It would look like the world’s worst paint job. If having the ugliest dog on the block is “cool” to you will the iced Mac Daddy.

2: Resale value of truck (if you choose to sell) will most likely be negatively impacted

3: More wind resistance = less miles per gallon. Additional weight of coating = less miles per gallon.

4: Getting truck clean will be an interesting process.

5: Family will refuse to ride with you after initial taunts from peers

6: If parked in sun truck will get hot enough to roast a pig inside.

7: Outside of car is a more complex tolopogy for spray to ahere to and there will likely to be several lovely looking separations in a short priod of time.

I’ve seen one truck covered in bed liner,and it looks cool. It doesnt have to be black,spray-on bedliner comes in many colors. I guess its possible,but it would cost a bit.

This is by far the coolest idea I’ve heard in some time!!

Go for it Waneman.

And when you do, let us know how it looks. Better yet, get a picture of it and I’ll post it for you. I’m curious as hell to see how it looks.

I actually saw an old Porsche 924 done up with turf for its “color”. It actually looked like a Porsche Chia-pet. I am not sure how the did the sides but it was grass too.

Damn, it was fugly.

We used a paint-on bedliner in our old truck instead of a spray-on. It was a whole heck of a lot cheaper and we could do it ourselves. It has stood up to much abuse for the past year. Of course, spray-ons are superior…but…

Maybe you could paint your truck with paint-on bedliner. Ours has a really cool texture, and the layer is thinner than spray-ons, so it might be better for whole-truck paint. Plus it would be cheaper. I can find out the brand we used if you want. My husband did a stack of research finding the “best” one.

I think it’s a great idea.

astro–You obviously have no understanding of the finer things in life.

It might be kind of tough to see out, with the windows all covered with that black stuff… :smiley:

Yeah, really astro. What a stick in the mud.

Thank you all so far for the encouragement. You have all raised some valuable questions. I have talked with several companies and they were pretty funny about it. I might look more into the do-it-yourself idea.

As for what it looks like and resale value. I’m not sure I care what it looks like. Right now it’s a matte green (matte from weathering) so we’ll see. I also will never sell this truck unless someone just falls in love with the unique dura-liner coating. :slight_smile: To be sure, if/when I do get this done, I will post a link to pictures.